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maya1971: “Don’t ruin my country. Please. Don’t sink its people in a bath of blood.”

We all should know the Western ‘news’ media has uniformly reached new lows in embarrassing imperialist propaganda on the Ukraine coup/putsch/revolution, so we must search in somewhat odd places to find non-biased stuff, words that have that gritty real feel. The comment below by (I very much think) an authentic Ukrainian — maya1971* — hits that spot, and deserves as many readers as it can find. It is comment #62 under the ‘liberal’ Guardian’s absurdly fear-mongering ‘news’ report, ‘Russia puts military on high alert ((NO IT DIDN’T**)) as Crimea protests leave one man dead’. I’ve made many corrections to the grammar, spelling and paragraphing of, and added links to, maya1971’s original comment:

26 February 2014 8:56pm
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I am a Ukrainian. Somebody has to be. I am not a cleaner or plumber or strawberries picker. Surprisingly, many of us have better aspirations in life and have managed to achieve them, but this is not the point.

I am appalled and shocked by what is happening to my country. We knew about corruption and abuse of power but to such an extent? But I am appalled even more so by how it is being ripped apart now. By a “democratic” opposition that lives in a bubble of luxury and absolute denial. By EU politicians who are now such frequent visitors to help us form the government. Absurd. Where else in the world do you see a representative of a foreign country, no matter how friendly and well-wishing, come to your country and tell you what sort of life you should have?

I suspect that these are all politicians who have failed badly in their own countries, with their own people, and are now trying desperately to secure their place in history, somehow, somewhere, by ruining and damaging a people already impoverished, deceived and betrayed by all.

They are offering a life of austerity to people who already live on 100 Euros a month. All of that will now be borrowed from people in other countries, equally living in the regime of austerity. Logic? If there is any?

And to the glamorous democratic opposition and your supporters! With no money in the budget, with the economy in ruins, the only thing you have done so far is to cancel the Russian language [See ‘The new Ukraine’s first law revokes Russian language rights’ and ‘Western media blacks out Ukraine’s revocation of Russian language rights’]. Why does it even matter? It does not seem to be a problem in civilized, calm and prosperous Switzerland with 3 languages. Or in Belgium with 2.

Has cancelling Russian miraculously increased your state budget? Created jobs? Or did it simply create smoke and mirrors as you are not capable of anything else? You did fight for power very hard, I can give you that. People died for you. But you must be terribly disappointed? There is nothing left for you to steal? So yeah, lets cancel Russian. One has to do at least something.

And have you forgotten that Maidan, even with thousands of people, does not represent 46 million? When some of you, our new “ democratic” leaders claim that the Nazi occupation was actually a liberation, have you asked my 77 year old mother whether she agrees with you? After all, she is a citizen of ‘a free and democratic Ukraine’(?) who survived 4 years of occupation as a child. She witnessed her village burnt to ashes by SS troops. Her father (my grandfather) was killed in one of those “mass-grave” battles in 1942. The same on my father’s side. My parents were the only people who survived out of their families. Have you asked many millions like her, which language does she want to speak, whether she wants you to shit on her memories?

Mind you, she is not an oligarch so her opinion does not count, does it?

Of course, she has only spent all her adult life, 55 years, working as a pediatric nurse. She survived war, ruins, hunger, cold, Stalin, communists, socialists, “perestroika”, collapse, capitalism, only so that people like you could come and steal everything from her. She survived again. So when there is nothing more that you can steal from millions like her, you want to rob them of their memories, and even their languages?

You claim that Ukrainian identity was robbed and ruined. Where? I grew up in Eastern Ukraine, often portrayed as pro-Russian. But in school, when it was still the Soviet Union by the way, I had as many hours of Ukrainian as of Russian. I speak both freely and fluently. (In fact, much better (grammatically and phonetically) than a famous boxer.)

And we never thought of ourselves as pro-this or pro-that. We just lived, studied, worked, moved forward. What were you doing all that time, I wonder? Why is there a need to label people as pro-this, pro-that? Did it not cross your arrogant and ignorant mind that they are simply scared, confused and once again betrayed?

If you want to write a new chapter in history of Ukraine like responsible and honest people, please do it. But if you want to re-write the whole history and rob people of their own, then no, you won’t get a vote from me.

Luckily for you, I don’t believe in violence and manipulations. So I guess you have won once again.

Oh yeah, there is Mr. Putin of course. I actually don’t know the guy or have ever seen him in Ukraine in all these years. It’s a tad tiring though, the same old story: “Will give you gas, will not give you gas.” Whatever, make up your mind. Seems we have an unlimited amount of tires to burn anyway. They have kept us really ‘warm’ all these long winter months.

I am Ukrainian. But above all, je viens de la Terre, I come from Earth. And so do you. All of you, regardless where you were born. Don’t ruin my country. Please. Don’t sink its people in a bath of blood. Don’t poison it by division, lies, hypocrisy and hatred towards each other. But if you can’t speak the truth, could you please just have a glass of wine and keep quiet.

*maya1971’s profile

**As I pointed out in a Guardian comment and as reported by Aljazeera, the Russian drills are routine. As with any drill, participants are supposed to act like its the real thing, to pretend to be on high alert, and so that may have given the Guardian the opportunity for its blatant fear-mongering headline. Here are the key portions of the Aljazeera report:

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued battle drills for army, navy and airforce troops based in Russia’s western military district, which borders Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, Finland and the Arctic. …

[Defense Minister Sergei] Shoigu said that “generally speaking, the drill is not in any way related to the events in Ukraine”.

Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands, reporting from Moscow, said that similar inspections were made regularly in Russia to ensure readiness.

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