Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery its been said, by that logic is Projection of your own actions and desires onto another the most insincere way to insult an other person because you accuse another of what you want to do or already did yourself?


Bill Clinton was in Kentucky and Rand lied about  Monica. Yes what else is new?  Well lies are instructive both what people lie about and what they don’t talk about when they lie.

While Rand was talking about Monica he took time away and diverted energy from praising Senator Mitch McConnell, he took time away and diverted energy from  attacks he could have made against Allison Lundergan Grimes and the ideas she is running on or attacking her personally.

Rand! Bill Clinton is not on the ballot. Just how much wood do you expect to raise from your base over a 16 year old sex scandal? that has been literally flogged to death not to mention there are voters who were 2 when this scandal happened who not only don’t care about the scandal, their eyes glaze over when they hear about Monica the same way they do when Granddad starts ranting about how great Reagan was.  You can’t expect to win young voters with this *scandal*/history and you can’t expect to change anyone’s mind after 16 long Freaking years of hearing this scandal again and again ( Arrrgh! I can’t take hearing about this scandal any more! ” furniture starts flying across the room “)

( after a mild nervous break down I’m fine now thanks anyway) So what have we learned? We have learned that Rand and the GOP have nothing on Allison and that the GOP is so desperate to motivate their base they brought out a 16 year old sex scandal to try and link Allison by association to Bill Clinton. Why do this unless the GOP hardcore base which should already be motivated is not motivated. What chance does Mitch have if the GOP base is still unmotivated by election day?

   You probably noted that I just explained what was not said  by Rand’s lies so just what was Rand lying about?

 The thing is, I think workplace violence is a serious thing.
If the president of your network had relations with a 20 year-old girl who was there from college, I think the president of your network would be fired.

Workplace violence is what Rand leads off with when taking about Bill and Monica funny thing Bill and Monica while they  engaged in adultery it was consensual Monica was not 20 she was 22, a full grown Woman college graduate and not just a girl from college.

   Rand’s lies tells us Rand has a compartmentalized  mind!  Rand sees no  conscious link to what he did when he kidnapped a girl ( in his mind)  at college, I bet she was 20, and deep down his unconscious mind  thinks kidnapping a young woman, trying to get her to smoke pot and then forcing her to worship Aqua Buddha was violent and his unconscious mind wants him to be held accountable for it.

But of course Rand’s Conscious mind  can’t accept that so he projects all of his misdeeds onto Bill an acceptable Out Group, Scapegoat.  Never mind Bill did a have consensual  affair between adults that was non violent. I do wonder why Rand did not try and rape the girl he kidnapped but at the video at the link he alleges that after he says he is against workplace violence  “so if thats what Bill Clinton did multiple times ”

What a lawyer way to say something but still be able to parse words and say you did not say something! Rand is an eye doctor the statement in quotes is from a lawyer a good lawyer who understands libel law. This means Rand is getting talking points from the GOP think tanks and or his Presidential campaign lawyers. How you say things also tells us things!

  To bad for Rand he does not realize that when he talks about Bill Clinton Rand is really talking about himself…and whats sad is he envies Bill for all the things he imagines Bill did but can’t accept that he did himself.


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