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Fox News’ Todd Starnes and the fetishization of ‘anti-Christian’ persecution


Just in case a lot of you all aren’t aware, Arizona recently passed a “religious liberty” law, SB1062, targeted at the lgbt community. This law would allow businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples on the grounds of “religious liberty.”

The law isn’t official yet – Gov. Jan Brewer has yet to sign it – but it is already considered a disaster for anti-gay groups and those who support it.  Both Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake have publicly expressed the wish that Brewer veto, as well as several Arizona businesses, the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Arizona Technology Council, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and former SB 1062 supporters GOP State Sens. Steve Pearce, Bob Worsley & Adam Driggs.

One has to not only ask “what were they thinking,” but also what mindset would actually believe such an extreme bill would be passed without the any of the flack that it is receiving.

Look no further than Fox News’ Todd Starnes. Recently he appeared on the radio show of American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer where he made an outrageous prediction that the government will outlaw the Bible because it supposedly speaks against homosexuality:

For the benefit of those who are not aware, Starnes is known for spinning false, unchecked “articles” of anti-Christian persecution. His lies has been corrected numerous times but unfortunately by the time that this happens, the communities and schools he accuses of being anti-Christian are generally targeted with outrage and threats.

Starnes’ lies has gotten so bad that evangelical writer, Alan Noble, blasted him for deliberately spinning phony tales of anti-Christian persecution.

But as you can see by the video clip, being refuted and called out hasn’t stopped or deterred Starnes from his lies.

And why is that? Why does Starnes, even after being proved wrong, continue to spin false tale after false tale of anti-Christian persecution?

Do you think that it’s a clinical thing? I am not a psychiatrist, but the way Starnes carries on, it does make one wonder. Do you think that while other children played baseball, tag, or hide and seek, Starnes busied himself, as a youngster, pretending that he was tied to a burning stake in the Middle Ages or chased by a bloodthirsty lion in classical Rome?

Does Todd Starnes want to be a Christian martyr so much that it’s becoming a fetish for him which controls everything he writes?

Regardless of what the case may be, Starnes should be aware of a few things.

1. The Bible will never be criminalized in any form in America. We love that amendment which guarantees freedom of and from religion.

2. It always amazes me how people like Starnes think that their version of Christianity is the only one. As it is, you can be an lgbt – a sexually active one, even – and a Christian. We can argue back and forth over this one but the only voice that matters in that case is God’s.

3. Regardless of points one and two, I can assure Starnes that the lgbt community have more important things to do than to fulfill the seemingly sadomasochistic fetish of victimhood perpetrated by a man whose couldn’t even report accurately on an episode of Sesame Street.

Might I suggest to Mr. Starnes that if his desire for victimhood is that strong, perhaps he should buy a gigantic cross and nail himself to it.

This need for Starnes and other Christians to make possible persecution into some type of bizarre fantasy is sickening enough. But it’s even worse when they act upon it.

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen