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Making the Fears of the 1% Come True

I was angry today.

I’m tired of hearing crap from austrians who have decided a bright future in America just isn’t possible, unless you are already rich. Screw you and your, “Raise retirement age,” “Cut Social Security” and “Stay in your crappy job for health care” viewpoints.  A bright future for the older worker? Nah, just hope you die before your money runs out. That’s their idea of us winning.
I’m also angry from listening to great stupid audio from Tom “Kristallnacht” Perkins. He spoke at the Commonwealth Club in SF last week. Audio link.

Sorry, no transcript, but listen to it and it won’t take long to hear factually incorrect statements backed by BS statistics. Plus, asshole opinions galore! The journalist from Fortune sometimes challenges him but often lets him repeat lies. Perkins did squirm when asked to prove that the richest 1% are the nations’ most creative. “They create the most jobs.” he finally said, weaseling out of the real answer which was, “I’m wrong and you busted me, but I won’t admit it because I’m rich and powerful and you are an annoying lowly journalist”

Here are two choice lines from the talk:

 “Medicare will go bankrupt, it’s inevitable.”

“Entitlements need to be cut because that is the bulk of the budget.”

Reuter’s did a story on the talk. 

“The extreme progressivity of taxation is a form of persecution,” he said. “I think if you’ve paid 75 percent of your life’s earnings to the government, you are being persecuted.”
—Tom Perkins

I’ve dealt with VCs in Silicon Valley. I’ve worked with the people who work for them. Perkins can spout crap because people know where the money flows from. Nobody tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to social policy, monetary policy or politics. You want the money? Shut up.

He’s a perfect spokesperson for the 1%. He’s 82, doesn’t need to answer to anyone, he earned the, no-way-in-hell-he-paid-75%-in-taxes money he made and yes, he did create 20-30 billionaires. Bully for him. But his story gives cover to all the 1% hedge fund managers and WS bankers who make money by manipulating numbers and markets.  He whined that the firm that bears his name, “threw him under the bus.” after his ridiculously insensitive letter. Boo fraking hoo. They did that because they actual have to answer to real people, not to strawmen carrying pitchforks and torches.

He said the 1% are afraid of taxes. Not jail, not violence, not public shaming–taxes. I think he was being honest. Thanks for the tip! So fellow 99%ers, how can we make those fears come true?

He did say he got only positive feedback from people via email, but mean comments on Twitter. I’ll bet if he was getting death threats via email he’d tell us. But he can’t delete the nasty Twitter comments like he could if he got them via emails.  That is something important we need to remember about social media. It’s a two-way communications channel they can’t control.

I’m surprised he didn’t manufacturer some email death threats to better play the victim card. (The smart PR move would be to hire a false flag team to break his own windows. Then he could really sell the Kristallnacht parallel. But I guess Karl Rove isn’t working for him, so he won’t attack himself then blame others.)

I despise violent rhetoric directed toward anyone, in whatever medium it is conveyed. I don’t condone it and I don’t do it. As an intelligent group of people, we can do better. And for someone who already thinks being taxed is persecution we don’t have to go there, it’s overkill (no pun intended.)

I’m going to end with my favorite line from Trading Places.

“It occurs to me that the best way to hurt rich people is to turn them into poor people.”

(Trading Places video link)

I think we know what to do.

Picture from Noah Sussman licensed under Creative Commons

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