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The community that began with Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner continues. Today we collect news from outside the usual, and renew the discussion.

Kiev is rocked with strife between government and protestors as the plan to ally with Russia is opposed by students and activists.   President Yanukovich has now agreed to a truce to allow negotiation.

The Russian press styles the protests as obvious evidence of outside influence;

 As can be seen on multiple videos circulating on the internet, many of those who clashed with law enforcers on Tuesday look more like well-trained extremists rather than ordinary demonstrators. Wearing black masks, helmets, some also equipped with bulletproof vests, they pelted rocks and Molotov cocktails at riot police.

Always boggles the mind to see demonstrators colored as being foreigners when they don’t meet the approval of the reporting agency. Pussy Riot gave the Russian government more trouble, and received a public punishment for protesting in front of an ad for Sochi Olympics, another foreign collusion in the minds of Putin’s supporters.

Reporters from al Jazeera are incarcerated in Egypt for a second month.  They are scheduled to appear in court today on charges of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Australian ex-BBC reporter Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian ex-CNN journalist Mohamed Fahmy and local producer Baher Mohamed are among 20 people accused of conspiring with the Brotherhood to tarnish Egypt’s international reputation. Egyptian authorities have presented the Brotherhood a terrorist group since Morsi’s overthrow last July and condemned journalists who give its members a voice.

Ecuador continued negotiations for China’s developing resources inside indigenous native territory although declaring the government’s intention to seek protection for the fragile drill target.

The Ecuadorian government was negotiating a secret $1bn deal with a Chinese bank to drill for oil under the Yasuni national park in the Amazon while pursuing a high-profile scheme to keep the oil under the ground in return for international donations, according to a government document seen by the Guardian.


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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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