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Pre-recall poll shows Scott Walker holding slight lead

Scott Walker, with the backing of the Koch Brothers, has hopes of making it two out the last three Presidents with the beady, close-set-eyes of a stereotypical simpleton.  Finally he’s hit a long predicted snag.

Perhaps a snag as metaphorically big as that created on the George Washington Bridge by his biggest competitor?

At a secret hearing the day before the 2010 election, an investigator for the Milwaukee County district attorney testified that he had uncovered email evidence that Scott Walker, then-county executive, was likely aware of campaigning by his staff on county time using laptops and a wireless internet router.

That very afternoon, Nov. 1, 2010, officers seized computer hard drives and other equipment from the suite of offices occupied by Walker and his staff. The next day, Walker was elected governor.

Funny how it went down that way, huh?

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