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FDL Movie Night: Bombshell

Bombshell, produced and directed by Jason Lehel and starring Kelly Mullis–both guests tonight–follows Marilyn Monroe in the final hours before her death. The short film takes us into the actress’s psyche, her addictions to substances and to John F. Kennedy. Using biographies and Monroe’s diaries as a foundation for the film, Bombshell is a shattering, painful look at a woman destroyed by forces internal and external.

Mullis’ Monroe is a woman adrift, drunk, confused, crumbling. It’s a role that requires a taut grip on the character who is best known through her film persona. Mullis avoids mawkishness and overacting, and her Monroe never comes off as a completely helpless woman, but rather as one struggling against the very things she desired and became.

Bombshell’s black and white cinematography mirrors the famous Milton Green photos of Monroe, now in a bathrobe, then in a her huge Mexican knit sweater and evokes a film noir feeling to the film. And like any film noir, Bombshell moves us between the character’s past and present, showing pivotal events that lead to the tragic climax.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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