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Boston Bombing News: A Tale of Two Vehicles

I recently encountered what omramsey calls the “amazing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Honda” in items 30-33 of the indictment. Puzzled by this, I spent some time carefully reviewing the Watertown saga.

Item 30 says the brothers drove their Honda Civic to the MIT campus. According to Item 31, they shot Officer Sean Collier in the head at close range (somehow managing to avoid getting blood on their clothing). Items 32-33 introduce the Honda conundrum. After driving the Honda to Brighton Ave, “Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev carjacked DM’s Mercedes … Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev forced DM to drive to Watertown, where they retrieved items from their Honda Civic.” Proofreading error, sloppy shorthand, or terminal confusion?

Danny has stated that the Honda did not magically self-transport, but instead was driven by Dzhokhar. This story is at least physically possible. But, how credible is it?

Danny says he was parked on Brighton Ave at about 11 pm. Tamerlan got into his van, waved a gun, boasted about being the Marathon bomber, and forced Danny to drive. Dzhokhar followed in the Honda. The two vehicles drove from Brighton to Watertown and parked near Fairfield Ave, which is off of Dexter, two blocks from Laurel.

Here, the brothers moved heavy baggage from the Honda into the van, leaving Danny alone in the passenger seat. (The criminal complaint agrees with Danny on this one.) I assume Tamerlan took the keys. But he had his hands full of baggage, and must have had to put the gun in his belt or his pocket. If I were attempting such a maneuver, I would make Danny do the loading while I held the gun. How could I be sure that he wouldn’t make a dash for the nearest house, and get away before I was able to get my gun out? (Brilliant bombers, but stupid hostage-takers?)

All three men got into the van and went to an ATM. They then drove west on Route 20 toward I-95. One of the brothers supposedly asked Danny if the van could be driven out of Massachusetts. Why couldn’t it be? I doubt that either a college student or an intelligent composer/musician would ask such a singularly silly question. I wonder if Danny was putting words into their mouths to promote the “going to bomb Manhattan” story.

Instead of continuing straight ahead to I-95 and Manhattan, they doubled back to look for a gas station and pick up more stuff from the Honda. Maybe this included the “call to prayer” music CD. They ended up driving all the way back to Cambridge, where they found a Shell station on Memorial Drive. Dzhokhar went into the station store to pay cash for gas and load up on snacks. Tamerlan stayed in the car but put his gun down for a minute, and Danny escaped.

Really? Here is a link to a surveillance photo which appears to show both Dzhokhar and Tamerlan inside the Shell store.

After losing Danny, the brothers went back to Laurel and Dexter for the Honda. OK. If they were carjackers, they knew the cops would be after the van. But I’ll ask this again: Why ditch the Honda and carjack a van in the first place? Did they think the cops would be after the Honda? If so, going back for the Honda wouldn’t help them.

Why pick Laurel and Dexter? How did the Honda end up sitting in the middle of the road with its lights on? Why are there two different stories about how the shootout started? Why waste time going to MIT to kill a cop? Why all this backtracking? Could they really not find any gas on the way to I-95? Was picking up a music CD really more important than just getting the heck out of Boston?

If Danny is making up this bizarre story, then he was probably involved in setting the brothers up. Even the MSM admits the tale is quite bizarre. The Boston Globe, which of course assumes guilt, has been forced to fall back on the theory that Tamerlan heard voices, and Dzhokhar had a pathological illusion of invulnerability.

If Danny’s account is true, and Dzhokhar really dawdled over snacks and music during a desperate escape because he thought he was Superman, then imo he should be tried by the fair rules that apply to mentally ill school and mall shooters, and not the unfair ones that apply to rational terrorists. 



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