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Late Night: The Minnesota GOP Renews Its War on the Waitstaff

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Remember Tom Emmer, the guy who was the 2010 Republican nominee for governor of Minnesota? The guy who said that Minnesota didn’t need to hike its minimum wage because according to him waitstaff routinely made $100,000 anyway?

Well, Emmer lost in the general to Democrat Mark Dayton, but his ideas about the minimum wage are still commonly held by his fellow state Republicans. His bitterest rival, “Electable” Marty Siefert, who lost out to Emmer for the 2010 MNGOP gubernatorial candidacy and is making yet another run at it four years later, stands foursquare with him on the question of raising the minimum wage — namely, he opposes it tooth and nail, as Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen shows:

Buried in the Bemidji Pioneer article, GOP governor candidates debate at BSU; Seifert wins straw poll of attendees, we find this nugget:

They all said they would oppose an increase to the state minimum wage.

This despite the fact that Minnesota has one of the lowest minimum wages in the country.

As Sorensen goes on to mention: “Republicans rely on old-school thinking that minimum wage hikes hurt workers, but the New York Times recently reviewed The Case for a Higher Minimum Wage that illustrates the weakness of the conservative argument.”


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