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Sunday Talking Heads: February 16, 2014

Moyers & Company

And on Meet The Press:

This Sunday, “Meet the Press,” the renowned televised political news forum, will host a discussion of climate change — perhaps the single most pressing issue of our time — featuring a professional children’s entertainer and a Republican member of Congress. Yes, David Gregory will be refereeing a “debate” — their word — between “Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ and Tennessee Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Vice Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.” Nye will be arguing the pro (climate change is real and bad) and Blackburn will be arguing the anti (climate change is made up and not bad). By the end, America will be just a little bit more stupid and doomed.

Alex Pareene on the stupid Meet the Press Debate. Read the whole thing. See also #MTPDebateIdeas.

There is coverage of Michael Sam’s coming out; and lol Fox News still has it on for Christie.

Let us know what you’re watching this morning, and what you’d like to watch.

WASHINGTON JOURNAL: Freedomworks Lawsuit Against Obama Administration. Disenfranchisement Laws. Drone Strikes against U.S. Citizens Abroad.

ABC’S THIS WEEK: Extreme weather with NC Gov. Pat McCrory, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Climate Central chief climatologist Dr. Heidi Cullen, ABC News Senior Meteorologist Ginger Zee, and ABC News Chief Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. Michael Sam Roundtable: Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel, and co-founder Cyd Zeigler. Then, Kevin Spacey on “House of Cards.” Roundtable: Jonathan Karl, Fusion’s “AM Tonight” host Alicia Menendez, Peggy Noonan, and Katrina vanden Heuvel.

CBS’ FACE THE NATION: Extreme weather with NC Gov. Pat McCrory, then Marshall Shepherd, the former president of the American Meteorological Society. Michael Sam Roundtable: Sam’s spokesman Howard Bragman, Cyd Zeigler of, Jarrett Bell, NFL Columnist for USA Today Sports, and Donté Stallworth, an NFL wide receiver and current free agent. Then, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint, “Can we expect more standstills on issues like immigration, or are there signs of hope for bipartisan compromise?” Roundtable: Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress, Bob Woodward, Jennifer Rubin, David Sanger, and John Harris.

CNN’S STATE OF THE UNION: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Plus, class warfare with Steve Forbes and Austan Goolsbee. Then, “Speaker Boehner’s next move, Senate Republicans versus Ted Cruz, and what we learned about Hillary Clinton from her best friend’s diary” Roundtable: CNN’s Kevin Madden, The Root’s Corey Dade, and democratic pollster Margie Omero.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Horse Race 2016: “Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are widely believed to be top potential candidates for their respective parties, and thus have been subject to hard-hitting attacks in recent weeks” with Ted Strickland and Karl Rove. Then, “Obamacare without Congressional approval”with Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA). Roundtable: George Will, Kirsten Powers, Kimberley Strassel, Charles Lane.

Koracki’s Up: Steve Kornacki is back.

Melissa Harris-Perry: BABY! The Syllabus.

MOYERS & COMPANY: Putting Political Corruption on Ice. This week we feature two Americans fighting against corruption: David Simon, creator of The Wire and activist Lawrence Lessig, who has taken an unconventional approach to highlight the need to get money out of politics.

NBC”S MEET THE PRESS: If it’s Sunday, it’s the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community being treated as a partisan argument – Alex Pareene. Also appearing, Mitt Romney, Brian Boitano and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Roundtable: David Axelrod, Nicolle Wallace, Chuck Todd, Julie Pace.

NEWSMAKERS: David Medine talked about National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Review Board’s January 23, 2014, report, which concluded that the NSA’s phone metadata collection program was illegal and should be ended.?In congressional testimony during the week, minority members of the board said they thought the program was legal.?President Obama had also said that it was legal and should continue, though he called for changes to program.?After the interview the reporters discussed his responses with the host.

Q & A: Former Air Force pilot and Vietnam war prisoner, Lee Ellis. He is the author of a book titled “Leading With Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.” Ellis shares his past experiences as a POW. He discusses how he and his fellow prisoners were tortured, malnourished, and bombarded with propaganda while being detained for “five years, four months, and two weeks.” He describes in detail the events of the day that his plane was shot down and he was captured. Ellis recounts that during the first few months in prison, he was “scared and cold.”…

RELIGION & ETHICS: The Ethics of Whistle-Blowing; Jordan, The Other Holy Land. Edward Snowden and the ethics of whistle-blowing; and Jordan, the other Holy Land.

TO THE CONTRARY: Topics: Wendy Davis Accused of Flip Flopping on Abortion. New Study Says Women-Owned Businesses Do Better in Some Areas. Jane Pauley on Reinventing Yourself. Panel: Former President and CEO of the Women’s Campaign Fund Sam Bennett, Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall, Danielle Moodie-Mills of the Center for American Progress, Republican Strategist Rina Shah.

UNIVISION’S AL PUNTO: George Zimmerman, acquitted for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin on February 2012; Juan Orlando Hernández, President of Honduras; Aníbal de Castro, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United States; Father José Eugenio Hoyos, Director of the Hispanic Apostolate and Director of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia; Armando García and Susan Walker, Practicing Catholics.

VIRTUALLY SPEAKING: UNK This week, commentators RJ Eskow & Gaius Publius talk about the mentality of plutocrats and climate. Plus political satire from Culture of Truth. Jay Ackroyd moderates. Follow @gaius_publius @rjeskow @jayackroyd @bobblespeak

C-SPAN’S BOOK TV. Savannah Book Festival.

FDL’S BOOK SALON: Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare. “At the center of the book will be the story of how documents alleged to have been stolen from an Iranian nuclear weapons research program became the primary driving force in building a consensus that Iran did have such a covert program. But it will detail the multiple indications that the documents were fraudulent, based on a series of contradictions between material in the documents themselves and well-established facts. Manufactured Crisis will reveal, on the basis of interviews with Iranian and former IAEA officials, how the IAEA has been manipulated to put out reports suggesting that Iran had such a covert weapons program– based overwhelmingly on documents that originated in Israel. It will also document the fact that U.S. intelligence on the Iranian nuclear program has been systematically distorted by political hostility toward Iran as well as by the structure of CIA assessments on the subject.” Chat with Gareth Porter about his new book, hosted by Andrew Cockburn. 5pm ET, 2pm PT Sunday.

FDL’S MOVIE NIGHT MONDAY: Bombshell, a short film about the last four hours of Marily Monroe’s life, written by Michael Bruce Adams and directed & produced by award winning Jason Lehel, who’s debut feature film, Gaia, premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2009. Join host Lisa Derrick and her guest Jason Lehel Monday, 8pm ET, 5pm PT.

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