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“Social Security Crisis” One Answer, Everytime- Remove the Cap

Whether or not one believes their is a funding problem with Social Security almost everyone would agree that removing the 113,000 dollar cap is the way to resolve the issue.  Narrowing the argument to the solution, that an overwhelming  majority of Americans would support, that is so simple, so elegant “Remove the cap”.   The thought that every American would pay the same amount, on each dollar they earn, to fund social security. We are not asking that the rich pay more per dollar they earn, that they have and expect to retain special interest exemptions, is patently bizarre.

They can only maintain the position that cuts are necessary by excluding the most logical resolution to the “problem”. When “removing the cap” is interjected as the solution to the problem the opposition is required to make an indefensible argument, that is why there is a 100% political/MSM   blackout on this solution. They(MSM/Politicians) do not argue against this solution, they act like it does not exist.

When they placed this, special interest, cap on earnings for their major campaign contributors the congressional  debates, underwhich this legislation  passed, forwarded, manifestly, that if there were a funding issues in the future, removing the cap would be the way to resolve it. Dennis Kucinich was a lion on this issue, you barely hear a progressive polititian whisper it, pathetic-public-option-sell-outs.

Each time you, write, talk about the SS “problem” narrow it to “remove the cap” only silence on this issue keeps a positive resolution from coming to fruition. It is something your Grandma or Dad can understand. It is one of those issues that would collapse support for those standing by their wealthy donors on this issue. It is such a raw, ugly, Libertarian, wealth distribution argument that would clearly be rejected by the American people.

We should do all we can to force them to make that argument. We should reflexively demand “remove the special interest cap on earnings”. Then they would say “there is not a problem, what problem?”

How about Firedog  being the initiator of the white house petition to answer the question Why not remove the earnings cap to resolve all or part of the “Social Security Crisis”?

If we can successfully interject the “remove the cap” resolution to the crisis it will, to a degree, indemnify social security against attack  as they would have to pay and they dont like that. If we can not interject this simple argument into the debate, we will lose this epic battle. If “remove the cap” were to prevail, the positive effects would be equally as grand and have a ripple effect- its a great issue to champion.


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