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R Buckminster Fuller vs Capitalism

R Buckminster Fuller

R Buckminster Fuller was a man ahead of his time. He was a design genius and a global thinker who came up with the most advanced and amazing designs for housing and transportation. The geodesic dome which are used world wide and Dymaxion Car were ahead of their time. But it was his philosophy and world view that I found the most attractive.

As the picture states we as humans no longer have to toil to feed, clothe and house ourselves as we did in antiquity.   This came about with the industrial revolution and the ability to generate more product than could be sold. When governments had to give price supports to agriculture and buy up surpluses to keep it in business.

The same for other products and services.   Fuller saw this as the picture/quote above states.   So what is our problem ?

It’s not employment. It’s not inequality. It’s not racism, or sexism or any other ism

Or problem is with out thinking. Our self view, which as WendyDavis points out, we have been indoctrinated with, yay I would say brain washed with since we were born.. Our self image as it were.

We judge ourselves and others – our self worth and others worth – by what they have and can get monetarily and otherwise. That unless one in toiling for what they get and are remunerated some arbitrary value, they are some how less worthy of the basics of existence.

But how is that the actor in a daytime TV drama is worth more than the garbage person ? How is that the guy who designs on a computer some idiotic electronic toy worth more that the person who serves my dinner ? Or grows my food or keeps my road free of potholes the size of bomb craters ?

We trouw out daily tuns of food, have 100s of houses sitting empty, throw away perfectly good clothes and electronics only to have them pile up with nothing else better to do with them. Plastics litter the landscape and oceans. Yet we cannot adequately feed or house people ?

It  is NOT or government and economy that needs changing, it our thinking that needs changing. Our view of ourselves and the the world that needs changing.  Our capitalistic values. We live now in a world with satellites and space stations and the ability to talk around the world from a park bench and yet our world view and especially our values have not changed much since Louis XIV and it is killing us and destroying the planet we are perfectly able to save. Unless you want to spend your life or you children spend their lives living in a hovel or cave, we need to change this.

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