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Pull Up a Chair: Caturday Edition

Good Morning everybody, it’s Caturday and beyond. Who wants coffee?

Completely snowed in here. How about you guys? My poor kitty doesn’t go out much but he’s been inside for weeks now, occasionally going cabin crazy. Fortunately(?) I had a mouse for him to catch. Spencer’s a crafty cat, he’ll move kibble from his bowl to the entry to the laundry room when he knows there’s a mouse in there. Then he sits back and waits for the doomed creature to take the bait.

The Cupcakes

Baby Kittens! My favorites things. Here’s a livestream feed of a batch of baby kittens, The Cupcakes. On January 28, Mamma Sugarplum had Sprinkles, Pumpkin, Valrhona, Praline, Snickerdoodle, and Truffle (you can see who’s who here).

February 9, 2014

They’re even featured on a Facebook page. I bet you won’t be able to resist checking in on them as they grow.

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