Livestream: Building Progressive Power

A conference on building progressing power, duplicating the highly successful one held last month in Duluth, is under way today in Minneapolis. Watch via Livestream here. If you are in the Twin Cities, try to attend this free event, at 4200 Cedar Avenue.

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Activists from across the state are demanding that Governor Mark Dayton and his Democrat super-majority in the MN legislature make good on their campaign promise to bring forth real Living Wage legislation – as opposed to the $9.25-per-hour joke they have already floated. To help you plan your viewing, here’s the full program, which includes noted speakers on a host of issues important to true Progressives (all times Central):

OPENING CEREMONY 9:55-10:00 am (Native American)

Michael Cavlan: New Progressive Alliance
Nathan Ness: Effective vs. Non-Effective Organizing
Ty Moore: The $15 Minimum Wage Campaign

Public Comment and Discussion section

Sabry Wazwaz: Palestine and US Foreign Policy
Dr. David Mair and Dr. Laura Lehman: Making Single Payer Happen in Minnesota
Patricia Shepard: US and Canadian Policies Attack Mother Earth

Public Comment and Discussion Section

12:00-12:45: LUNCH BREAK

Mark Novitsky: Federal Whistleblower speaks out
Alan Maki: A Living Wage vs. A Minimum Wage
Liane Gale: Living Wage Conversation Continues

Public Comment and Discussion Section

Daryl Robinson: Cop Watch and Know Your Rights
Leena Buggs: Running For Office
Dennis Leahy: What Is The Reset Button?
Angel Buechner: Why It Is Important For Poor Communities To Organize
Public Comment and Discussion Section


Coleen Rowley: The Military Machine and Resistance To It
Eric Morrison: Polymet Mining Contaminating The Boundary Waters
Sam Wagner: Why We Occupy
Marcus Harcus: NOC Neighborhoods Organizing for Change Today.

Last Full Hour: Public Comment and Discussion on “What Next?”

5:30 pm: DINNER

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