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UPDATE: Union Vote at VW plant in TN Fails. German VW Worker Explains Benefits of Worker Council. Radio Host Stunned.

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UPDATE 2/15/2014: So I guess the workers’ council won’t be possible at the VW plant in Tennessee. The UAW lost, 712 voting no and 626 voting yes.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about this.  We won’t know all the reasons until there is an independent postmortem (but who will do that?).  What have you heard? What do you think?

Frankly I’d really like to know ALL the reasons, both good and bad, real and imagined. I’d like to know from the point of view of the workers, the politicians, the local businesses that talked to the politicians, the local cultural issues of a union in the south and the changing world of labor in business.

The other reason I’d like to know is to give to the people who fought it. Did they really win? I’d love for some MBAs to get some data to say, “Really, unions are good for business.  Let us show you why.”  

On the Sam Seder show today a caller from Tennessee calls in and explains the history of Unions in the South.  Next a caller from Germany explains why VW might want a workers’ council by explaining how one worked successfully in Germany.

The example of workers helping the company, which benefits both parties and the environment, is stunning to Sam. It illustrates just how skewed our vision of business in America and corporate power is that it’s hard for Sam to image something like that happening here.  Clip is cued up to the German caller at 1 hour 30 minutes.\

As CeeCee over at Majority Report mentioned. “It’s called shared prosperity. Something that the oligarchs don’t want anything to do with. Why should they share with those actually doing most of the work?”

UPDATE: The vote for a union failed. The UAW lost, 712 voting no and 626 voting yes.

UAW Press release: Historic election brings outside interference in the vote of Chattanooga Volkswagen workers


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