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Florida House Seat District 6: Is It Time For A Green

House seats in Northwest Florida have been dominated by the Republican Party machine for the past 20 years and as far as the majority of registered voters that must be working for them. But the tide is changing for many who believe that third party politics is on the rise. Green Party Candidate Henry Lawrence, having run twice before for the local Bay County Commission, has set his sights on the State Legislative seat [District 6] presently held by Jimmy Patronis who is term limited to 2014.

Five Republicans and two Democrats will have to go through primary elections in August; however Lawrence, with no other Green challenger, will be on the November ballot if he qualifies by June 20, 2014. The growth and jobs and water issues alone will provide plenty of battleground. Lawrence sees the Economy as fertile ground for a more jobs-focused on Worker Self-Directed Enterprise model used by the Mondragon Corporation in Spain. Bottom up job creation and a new Community Banking System would provide incentives for jobs generated through the new Advanced Technology Center at Gulf Coast State College to help replace many of the military industrial complex jobs that have been the truly living wage scale jobs in his community and much of Northwest Florida.

Time is ripe for these types of changes and much much more. Campaign 2014 should be an exciting time for Candidate Lawrence to shine.

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