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VIDEO: Alternative Media’s Effect on Corporate Media — Assassination of Americans

After years of acting like assassination was not happening, the mainstream media has been forced to address the issue. This should not be undervalued, if change is to come, to some degree, the Jake Clappers of world must be forced to address relevant issues. Most here understand the corrupt nature of the MSM, but Joe Sixpack doesn’t. Now, he or she hears someone who they deem trustworthy challenging the concept of assassinating an American. For example, as example, discussion of the innocent 16 year old American who was assassinated by his government is something we would not have seen a year ago.

Therein lies the power of alternative media. The MSM was forced to address this issue because alternative media kept it alive. As more people became aware it became impossible to continue to act like our government  assassinating Americans, with no due process, no need to supply a shred of evidence of wrong doing, no need to inform anyone that they assassinated an American citizen, wasn’t news worthy.

That we use the MSM to spread information we believe valuable to our fellow citizens, priceless.

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