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Reddit’s r/socialism blacklists WSWS for defending Woody Allen

This happened four days ago but I just found about it today (from the WSWS website). Just thought MyFDLers should know.

G0VERNMENT (I don’t know how he/she has acquired the power to ban) at r/socialism announced: “We’re automatically removing posts because they apologize for rape.” G0VERNMENT then cites a recent WSWS article, In latest “human rights” crusade, NY Times’ Kristof promotes allegations against Woody Allen. In the article, WSWS film critic David Walsh attacks the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof for using “his column, a powerful tool, to give credence to the unproven and unsubstantiated allegations on behalf of [Mia Farrow,] a friend and fellow political campaigner.”

The attack on Kristof is entirely warranted, though, frankly, in that column (find the link yourself) Kristof’s just a troll generating page hits, and I don’t think Walsh should have wasted his time and bile re-publicizing Kristof’s implications and Dylan Farrow’s allegations.

Walsh is the best film critic working today, and he should stay roughly on track and keep writing about capitalism’s thin, disinfotainment culture and the few green sprouts in its brownfields. Plenty of work there. More unsolicited advice: expand into television if there aren’t enough films to write about!

Nonetheless, there are some entertaining moments in Walsh’s rant against a hack:

“Yet the Golden Globes sided with Allen,” continues Kristof, “in effect accusing Dylan either of lying or of not mattering. That’s the message that celebrities in film, music and sports too often send to abuse victims.”

Allen, it should be pointed out, has not only not been convicted, he was never even charged with any crime.

Kristof’s argumentation is incredible, almost unhinged.

Agree, enthusiastically! Walsh continues, directly, just so we’re clear on the quality of Dylan and Mia Farrow’s case against Allen:

No one can be sure what did or did not take place. Allen denies the allegations (as recently as Tuesday, in response to the Kristof column and Dylan Farrow’s letter). There is no physical or psychological evidence. A police-appointed medical team concluded that Dylan “was not molested” after an investigation in 1993.

Dr John M. Leventhal, who headed the team and interviewed Dylan Farrow nine times, declared in a sworn statement, “We had two hypotheses: one, that these were statements that were made by an emotionally disturbed child [Dylan, seven at the time] and then became fixed in her mind. And the other hypothesis was that she was coached or influenced by her mother [Mia Farrow]. We did not come to a firm conclusion. We think that it was probably a combination.”

Anyway, Reddit matters, and censoring Reddit or a big subreddit like r/socialism matters. Here is the beginning of nurmin‘s brilliant cry against censorship and blacklisting, the highest rated comment under the ban announcement:

I just read all of the comments on this page, and as of this posting I have seen not one piece of evidence to back up the claims of this sub’s moderators that the WSWS or the SEP promote or defend racism, sexism, pedophilia, or rape. Each time the question of evidence is posed it is met either with silence or ad hominem attacks.

I find this particularly disturbing, and it comes across as politically motivated. In that regard, it makes perfect sense to ban the WSWS from this forum. Here you have an outlet, one quite distinguished in its history and track record, that often finds itself in the minority on this subreddit and one whose viewpoint and understanding of objective reality is genuinely opposed to the bourgeois sentiments so often expressed here.

I oppose this ban (or one-month “blacklisting”) on the grounds that no one who calls him or herself a socialist should ever approve of such reactionary hostility. If you do not like the WSWS, don’t read it. If you don’t agree with an article from the website being posted on reddit, skip it, or downvote it blindly, as many are wont to do. However, do not attempt to silence them.

And, for the love of Marx, if you are going to make such outlandish claims about a group of people defending the reprehensible acts you’re accusing them of, please provide something substantial to back up your claims.

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