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A Tearful Kiss – Love Survives Evil American Foreign Policy, and Why That’s So Important

There’s a touching picture of a young Lebanese girl kissing her father, whose head is almost completely covered by bandages, heading the article Why Tiny Hermel, Lebanon, is Now More Dangerous Than Baghdad. Please take a look at the photo, and observe your own reactions.

By all means, read the article, also. Basically, Sunni terrorist belligerents who are fighting a jihad in Syria, have targetted innocent Shias in Lebanon, due to Hezbollah (who are Shia) aiding Assad. That’s easy for them because the Shias are not “real Muslims”.

Love and tenderness surviving this violence is important on a personal and spiritual level, but I’m posting this because I want readers to think about the political utility of communicating a heart connection with the victims of their political process. I don’t have time to write a long diary on the subject, but I will state that IMO, activists have failed not only because they are strategically incompetent (which is in the sphere of the mental), but also because they have not sufficiently communicated love.

Of course, the American war machine does not encourage love and sympathy towards it’s own victims. (This article does not blame the US for helping destabilize Syria.) Knowing that, it’s incumbent on activists to bypass the bought and paid for media. I know that some activists have tried (and doubtless tried hard) to do that. E.g., the horrors that the US visited upon Fallujah, in the form of birth defects, have been recorded in photographs, and distributed to media outlets. Of course, mainstream media outlets never showed those pictures. But Gary Null has reported that even at his alternative website, most people avoided those pictures.

Well, we need to persist, don’t we? And, towards that end, I think it’s important for activists to have a spiritual side, to do whatever practice (meditation, prayer, contemplation, listening to beautiful, uplifting music, getting attuned to nature, etc.) they find meaningful, which keeps their heart open.

I’ve sort of contradicted myself, so let me flesh out this idea a bit more, before I exit. It’s generally important, I believe, to nurture your spiritual side. However, I claim it’s also politically expedient to elicit love and sympathy in your fellow citizens – and since this is a long slog, you should consider nurturing your spiritual side, if for no other reason than to find the strength to persist in your political efforts. At the end of the day, though, the task remains to elicit a heart connection of millions of your fellow citizens.

Thankfully, that is easier to do with photos like the tearful kiss that I’ve linked to.

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