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Over Easy: Breaking BridgeGhazi News

This video from the DNC is just to delicious not to post.

But there is more, much more to report on BridgeGhazi. Last night, Michael Isikoff reported that the NJ Committee looking into the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge voted to enforce the subpoena for Christie’s Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget (Time for Traffic Problems) Kelly and Christie’s Campaign Manager Bill Stepian. The two could be compelled to submit documents or face charges of contempt.

Additionally, the Committee is planning to issue 18 new subpoenas in the BridgeGhazi scandal.

Recipients include the State Police aviation unit, which oversees Christie’s helicopter travel, four new members of Christie’s office, and his failed state Supreme Court nominee, Phillip Kwon, who now works as deputy general counsel at the Port Authority.

Some of those 18 to be subpoenaed last night or this morning were also subpoenaed earlier in the investigation. According to, the list of officials to be subpoenaed is as follows:

  • Chris Christie for Governor, the governor’s re-election campaign
  • Christie’s office
  • Regina Egea, director of the authorities unit, governor’s office
  • Nicole Crifo, senior counsel to the authorities unit, governor’s office
  • Jeanne Ashmore, director of constituent relations, governor’s office
  • Rosemary Iannacone, director of operations, governor’s office
  • Barbara Panebianco, executive assistant to Bridget Anne Kelly, governor’s office
  • Custodian of records, State Police aviation unit
  • William ‘Pat’ Schuber, commissioner at the Port Authority
  • Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director at the Port Authority
  • Custodian of records, Port Authority
  • Steve Coleman, deputy director of media relations, Port Authority
  • Phillip Kwon, deputy general counsel, Port Authority
  • John Ma, chief of staff to Executive Director Patrick Foye, Port Authority
  • Matthew Bell, special assistant to former Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni, Port Authority
  • Gretchen DiMarco, assistant to Baroni, Port Authority
  • Arielle Schwarz, special assistant to former Director of Interstate Capital Projects David Wildstein, Port Authority
  • Mark Muriello, assistant director of Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals, Port Authority

Christie is fighting back against some charges against him. Attorney Randy Mastro has made a Open Public Record request for correspondence exchanged between Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and several other city officials and the New York Times. Zimmer has accused Christie of withholding hurricane Sandy relief funds unless she pushed through a development project for the Rockefeller Group that Christie supported.

If any new developments occur before I roll out of bed, please add them in the comments. Maddow did a great piece on this last night, but it was not available when this post was written. As always, off topic welcome and lurkers are encouraged to join in.

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