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Obamacare Continues to Unravel as Obama Kicks the Can for Capital–Again

In his last grotesquely pandering speech, otherwise known as the State of the Union, President Obama took a few seconds to urge employers to sign up for Obamacare and not reduce their employees’ hours to the point where they are not required to enroll them in mandatory health insurance. He looked all serious and everything.

A piggybank, with a stethoscope and a bundle of US money

Another kickback for corporations as Americans struggle for healthcare access.

Well,  that faux determination has already evaporated. Just this week, the Obama Administration announced that employers with 55-99 full-time employees would not be required to enroll their workers until 2016, and larger companies only have to offer coverage to 70% of their employees in 2015, down from 95%. I cannot help but wonder when the next rollback to placate the capitalists will come. Anyone who has been following this knows that this is not the first time Obama has yielded to businesses.

Of course, he has not done the same for individual American citizens. We are required to sign up this year, or else face penalties such as the interception of our tax refunds early next year. If Obama sticks to these guns as much as he has to targeted assassinations of American citizens without even an indictment, or his continued damnation of Edward Snowden, there’s going to be a LOT of really pissed off voters in February and March of 2015 when they lose their tax refunds because they couldn’t afford to sign up for “low cost” health insurance plans that cost more than most car payments.

If that happens, the Republicans can run a yellow dog, or Jeb Bush, or even Ted Cruz, and beat Hillary like a drum, not to mention controlling both houses of Congress. I speculate, therefore, that Obama may kick that particular can down the road as well. Or maybe he won’t care. He’ll be set, after all, so it probably depends on whether Jamie Dimon approves. After all, Obama hasn’t actually done or even tried hard to do anything that substantially helps the bottom 90% at the expense of the top 10%.

So why should he change now?

This man disgusts me even more than George W. Bush did, probably because W didn’t really do anything I didn’t expect him to do. I admit I got conned in 2008, but at least I woke up in 2009. I’m not at all surprised by this latest development, and I won’t be surprised if Obama pushes for a health insurance corporation bailout in the next two years because their profits aren’t nearly as high as expected because way too few people enrolled in their outrageously expensive plans, and because Wall Street might lose some bets. We shall see.

And have a nice night.

Photo by 401K 2012 released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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