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Over Easy: Monday Science

Closeup of a carpenter ant

An ant consulting her picnic-finder app

As I write this, it is a cold Sunday evening. We picked up another couple inches of snow today. They’re predicting dangerous wind chills all next week.

Fukushima Update:

The first attempt at an underground dam has failed. Levels of radioactives near shore are exceeding the already liberal government limits.

Reactor #2 explosion Is confirmed as the source of Plutonium as far as 20km away. Meaning containment was shattered for #2 early on, maybe even before it melted. And it’s been open ever since.

TEPCO now admits that reactor #1 is leaking. And the it will continue to do so for at least 5 decades.

Japan is covered in fallout, so they invent a Baby diaper sensor that will let you know when it’s time for a change.

Just what Japan didn’t need. The pro-nuke candidate won the election.

Plants compete for friendly ants.

17 miles around ain’t big enough, CERN is designing an even larger collider 50 miles around. It will be 7 times more powerful that the current collider and may allow us to probe the interior of quarks and confirm/deny some of the variants of string theory.

The current LHC is not without it’s uses. Here it shows that quark-gluon plasma behaves like a liquid. QG plasma only existed for a VERY short time during the big bang, forming right after the inflation period and condensing at about 10 ** -6 seconds after the big bang, but it’s critical to understanding how matter formed.

New record for Oldest star known. They are saying unambiguously that this is one of the second generation of stars. We still don’t have a sighting of a true first star and we might never. They were likely HUGE, with lifetimes on the order of a million years or so. they may have died out before the universe was clear enough for us to see ’em.

Salmon navigate by magnetism.

Those of you with telescopes, here’s a cool new supernova.

Sorry for the shorter than normal post today, but real life intruded. I wanna go back to my fantasy life, where bras below D cup aren’t even made.

Boxturtle (And the women don’t need ’em anyway)

Photo by Sancho McCann released under a Creative Commons license.

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