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Pull Up a Chair: Snow Days

This year the PennDOT’s Philadelphia district will surely break their record for salt spread, over 110,000 tons – so far.

Now this is how you do it.

We keep getting more snow on the snow this year. Of course it’s all relative, here’s a map showing how much snow it takes to cancel school:

How much snow it takes to cancel school

Posted in the map porn category on Reddit, atrubetskoy created this using data from NOAA and users. As exciting as it was in grade school for “No School!”, there did come a time when it was a bummer to miss school (*sigh*boys*sigh*). Of course this was all before texting and smartphones.

Two and half feet was my biggest snowfall ever (Blizzard of 1996). I tried shoveling down to the mailbox but it was daunting, I never was so happy to see my brother-in-law in my life then when he and the boys showed up to dig us out. What was your personal snowpocalypsengeddon?

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