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The Roundup for February 5th, 2014

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Hello folks, how are you this day?

International Politics


– Noam Chomsky: “Prerogatives of Power” On the U.S. and its place in the world

– France was warned by John Kerry for its business trip to Iran and potential business with them

– The U.N. chastises the Vatican for child sex abuse and demands those who have done it to be held accountable immediately

– The U.N. released a report criticizing Syria for the “unspeakable suffering” of children there by the Assad regime

Middle East

– In Baghdad, Iraq, numerous bombings have left at least 32 people dead

– The U.S. is agreeing to limit drone strike attacks in Pakistan with Jan. having none at all as the Pakistani government moves to focus on militants in North Waziristan

– Once again, Syria has missed its deadline for chemical weapons to be shipped for destruction. Government blames it on civil war for the delay

Asia and Oceania

– What’s going in Okinawa, Japan with U.S. military bases and local elections there? This article clears up and educates on what is occurring and how to assist.

A new report has found that Sri Lanka’s forces have destroyed war crime evidence of the army killing civilians


– It seems that General Sisi in Egypt will be running after all for President with a new report out of Kuwait verifying it.

– If economic conditions don’t get better in Egypt, then the military junta will have Egyptians rebelling in the street against the regime


– The troika wants Spain to push forth austerity to boost profits for corporations and repress workers

Latin America, Carribean and Canada

– Once again, talks broke down over expansion of the Panama Canal over fiscal cost

Surveillance Planet

– New Snowden document: The GCHQ used tactics to disrupt “Anonymous” hactivists and their organizing

To protect the World Cup at any cost, Brazil is using surveillance tactics and attempting to disrupt any form of organizing against the event

– One lawmaker, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, author of the original PATRIOT Act, has told the Justice Department to support reform of the NSA or lose a key provision in the PATRIOT Act allowing it to collect phone records of Americans

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Their job creation index has reported 19, which means January was flat for job creation.

– Dean Baker: “Mainstream Media Wrong On Obamacare: CBO Says It Will Let People Work Less And Raise Others’ Wages

– Human Rights Watch released a report showing that for-profit probation industry discriminates against the poorest in the U.S. who have misdemeanor probation

On the recent fears in the financial market on the threat to financial stability of the system

– Regulators in New York are demanding banks give documents on alleged sharing of information over trading markets

– Coca-Cola will now consider selling its product to consumers to make at home a la SodaStream

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Despite numerous evidence the Keystone XL pipeline will fail the planet, unions are still split on whether to support the measure. Why? I’m seriously asking. In fact, AFL-CIO supports the construction of a Keystone XL pipeline

– Without giving rights to care workers in homes, houses are not a place of comfort, but a place where exploitation can occur. Meanwhile, in Illnois, caregivers are pressing Gov. Pat Quinn to increase their wages 

– Bravo. After a Whole Foods worker stayed home with her special-needs son during the Polar Vortex, the company fired her and workers there went on strike for her.

– Vice President Joe Biden remarks there is a war on labor that is destroying the power of workers in the U.S.

– United Airlines will be placing “involuntary furloughs” for workers that the Association of Flight Attendants union said would be extremely harmful for workers

Politics US

Washington USA

– Under the Obama administration, IRS criminal prosecutions have risen by 23.4 percent compared to the Bush administration.

– In a “closely-watched special election” in Florida, the Democratic candidate for a Representative seat will be given star power in the form of Vice President Joe Biden.

Anytown USA

Gallup: Utah has the most Mormons, Rhode Island has the most Catholics, both Mississippi and Alabama have the most Protestants and New York has the most Jews.

– Pew: Nearly six-in-10 Americans have a negative view of Putin. Over half of Americans, in another poll, said they will follow the Winter Olympics.

– New York legislators, the status quo defenders they are, are attempting to a pass a bill ending public funding for groups supporting BDS

– How two judges in Pennsylvania got millions from the private-prison industry to allow kids to be jailed.

– In Philadelphia, the level of abuse that police officer have established is sickening and sexual assault is one aspect of that power.

– Bill de Blasio won’t be partaking in the St. Patrick’s March due to them refusing to allowing same-sex individuals and couples, but he has allowed cops and firefighters to go

– I rarely post titles anymore, but when I do it’s cause they’re good. “Fuck George Zimmerman and the Culture He Rode In On

We Don’t Need No Education

– Michelle Obama recommends students to file for federal financial aid before heading to college. So let’s forget all about that increasing student debt and ride the magic train to federal aid land!

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– CVS Pharmacy has decided to stop selling cigarettes for the “well-being” of its customers

– In Afghanistan, contradictions and hope occur on costs and the way forward for a better living for civilians there

The Second Sex

– As the comedy circuit becomes more diverse with women, it seems it’s allowing a new age of women to be at the forefront of comedy.

Planet Earth

– In 2013, the oceans had warmed at a rate of 12 Hiroshima bombs a second. That is insane.

– After West Virginia faced a spill into their tap water, they switched to bottled water. But is that safe for all?

A new report has found that fracking uses billions of gallons of water for it to work effectively. Why do we still use it when we are in desperate need of it?

– The U.S. has changed its mind and is reconsidering the lift of the shark fin soup ban

– Federal officials have pledged another $14 million to California for water for its drought-ridden regions

– USDA chief Tom Vilsack: Climate change is hurting our farmers in the U.S.; THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

Mixed Bag

Another reason why I sincerely dislike pseudo-journalist, pro-capitalist Piers Morgan: He calls a trans woman a “boy” and is ignorant of how they should be treated.

– A new study has found that listening to melancholy music, except when sad, can increase your happiness

A new study has found that there are only four emotions: angry, happy, sad and surprised.

– Watch this great interview on The Colbert Report featuring Pussy Riot. Part one and two are as shown.

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