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Over Easy: Monday Science

Flying snake

Hi! I can fly!


Yesterday it hit 52F, today it won’t break 30F. And we’re expecting a winter storm of some kind on Tuesday evening, what kind depends on the temperature. *sigh*

Fukushima Update:

There were 80 spent fuel assemblies with significant damage BEFORE the earthquake, Tepco admits. Most of them in the #1 SFP.

There’s a hole at the bottom of #2 reactor containment almost 10 sq cm. Absolutely the worst place for a hole to be. If it was further up the side, they could keep a level of water over whatever remains in #2. But at the bottom, well, how much water do you have to pump just to keep up with a hole that size? 3.3 tons per hour! Tepco’s own numbers show that whatever is left in the #2 reactor is barely under water.  And since they are pouring 4.5 ton/hr of water, there’s at least another ton/hr leaking that they haven’t found yet.

This is the equivalent of Walter Cronkite resigning. Over government censorship of nuclear issues. May not be as much about Fuku as it is about trying to make sure the ruling party is not challenged on atomic policy in general. They ruling party could lose two key elections (at least) to anti-nuke types.

This is the equivalent of the president of PBS resigning, for the same reason.

Radioactive water has found a direct pathway to the Pacific. I hadn’t thought of this, but the report is accurate. If the Cs had gone through the soil (as in groundwater) the soil would have grabbed it. They’re seeing way to much fresh stuff offshore.

And the water is hotter. Went from non-detectable to 1.7m Bq/L in one day. And they’re now admitting that some of the values are pegging their meters.

This method for removing strontium is 90% effective at Hanford, but how well it will work in salt water is unknown.

Asahi team reports on a visit to #4 reactor, thought they oddly say nothing about SFP removal activities.

New record high superconductivity temperature, 149F It seems clear now that while a low temp can force materials into a superconducting state, it is by no means required for superconductivity to exist.

Bottlenose dolphins are in bad shape thanks to BP. Missing teeth, lung disease, and abnormal hormone levels. What, you forgot about the ugly oil spill? Good, good, it’s what we wanted. Did you hear the petition to deport Bieber got over 100,000 signatures and required a White house response? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

We still don’t know what is killing the sea stars on the west coast.

We made a synthetic magnetic monopole. Doesn’t mean they occur naturally, but it means they could have. This is a Nobel Prize level accomplishment.

Breath into my laser.

Spiders Fly. And Predatory squid fly. Now snakes fly.

Boxturtle (You’re not paranoid if they really ARE out to get you)

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