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Suzanne Vega – Left Of Center

Today, in the UK, Suzanne Vega’s new album Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles was released…

Suzanne Vega on Her Return, Lou Reed’s Puppy and Loving Macklemore

The singer-songwriter talks about the inspiration of her first new album in seven years…

Next month Vega will release her first set of new material in seven years, Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles. Despite the prog-rock album title, the album is classic Vega, blending the springy acoustic guitars and knights-and-soldiers imagery of her earlier work with the more idiosyncratic beats of later albums like 99.9 F. It also offers up fresh twists: more aggressive guitars and contributions from former Bob Dylan and Levon Helm sideman Larry Campbell and Peter Gabriel and King Crimson bassist Tony Levin…

…Vega had hoped to work with (Lou)Reed on Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles but wasn’t able to, due to his illness. But other collaborations beckon. She and Hynes may work on a remix of one of his tracks. She’s also revising her 2011 off-Broadway show, Carson McCullers Talks About Love, pondering a book, and hitting the road for U.S. shows in May. Looking back on the record-business heyday she witnessed up-close, she says, “It seemed crazy going through it, and I benefited from it. But now, it’s, ‘Okay, I’m still here and still making music,’ and I have be smarter about it.”

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