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The Weekend Roundup for February 1-2nd, 2014

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May Philip Seymour Hoffman rest in peace

International Politics


– “Marx was Right” Rolling Stone goes over on how Marx brilliant predicated events in 2014

– The U.S. will table a U.N. human rights resolution critiquing Sri Lanka for its war crimes

– The State Department is denying it attempted to speak directly with the Syrian government at Geneva II

Middle East

– American imperialism can act as innocent as it wants, but the reality is that it’s brutal acts in the Middle East show anything it tries to make as “innocent” is a pathetic excuse

Iraq has increased its shelling of Falluja before it invades it with ground forces to take it back from militants

The election campaign for President in Afghanistan has begun with poverty and security being key issues. Hamid Karzai cannot run.

– The U.S. pushed back on Israel after Netanyahu denounced boycotts as hurting peace process

– Juan Cole: “Now Peace Talks, John Kerry, are “Anti-Semitic” in Eyes of Israeli Far Right

– Yesterday, the Syrian government dropped barrel bombs on Aleppo leaving 83 dead says Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Asia and Oceania

– Despite elections in Thailand having protests, 89 percent of polling stations have operated normally


– The Red Cross has suspended its work in Sudan after the government said it wasn’t following its laws

– Rebels in South Sudan have said the government fired on them, violating the ceasefire

– Rebels in the Central African Republic have fled a key town, but have vowed to return

– Due to the “security failure,” 54 detainees have escaped a jail in Libya


– Germany is attempting to have a third Greek bailout worth 10 to 20 billion euros

Thousands march in Russia over the arrested of activists two years ago and against Putin

Latin America, Carribean and Canada

The vigilantes in Mexico have been successful in their attempts against cartels, but who are they fighting for and what are they fighting for?

– Argentina is slowly losing its hold as the peso is in a panic and goods are flying off shelves in the heat

Surveillance Planet

– Here’s the interview of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden by German TV channel NDR on all-things surveillance

– Governments and corporations are actively trying to attain our privacy, but we can put a stop to it and fight back

– Lawyers for Lavabit are concerned their suit against handing over emails to the feds will have the privacy aspect being pushed aside by the judge

– Juan Cole: “Christie, Clapper and other Officials who should be in Jail instead of Snowden”

Financial Matters

– Jesse Myerson brilliant points out the misconceptions on communism and capitalism

– On Jan. 31, there were numerous protests occurring beyond the U.S. against the Trans Pacific Partnership

– On “hot money” and Paul Krugman’s failure to understand the severity of its effect on world markets

– Ben Bernanke will be stepping down, but where will he go? If his history shows anything, then he’ll be around the private sector

The brutal inequality faced by billions in the world destroys the fabric of civilization and institutes a capitalist system driven by selfishness and greed

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Is there a “skills gap” in the job market? As if. It’s just an effort to get cheap labor with high skills

A history lesson on how racist policies in the Jim Crow-era South led to discrimination against black laborers

– With the drought in California continuing, farmers face unemployment and poverty

Politics US

Washington USA

– The “Military – Industrial – Congressional Complex” is a term indicating the decision-makers who actively seek their own wants against the interest of everyone else. They care little on the price of another war

– Even as she called Iran a “a threat to global security,” Hillary Clinton has urged Congress not to pass new sanctions

– Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has said that immigration reform is unlikely to occur this year

Anytown USA

– Michael Ratner goes over on how Bill de Blasio’s recent statements in support of Israel expose where he stands on the Israel-Palestine issue

– Richard Wolff: “Political Corruption and Capitalism

We Don’t Need no Education

– Students are now waking up to revolutionizing the economics profession away from unrealistic, pro-free market teachings to the analysis we have understood over the past few years of a capitalist structure out of control

– In Minnesota, a free military test is made as an alternative for high school students to graduate and it doesn’t require parental consent

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

Powerful photos of homeless people as they want to be shown to the world

The Second Sex

– At Memorial University in Canada, a test asked whether it was likely a rape victim would die based on a computer algorithm

– A new report has found that the abortion rate in the U.S. has fallen to its lowest level since 1973 

Planet Earth

– Despite the Super Bowl saying it will attempt to be “environmentally-friendly,” it still is one of the least environment friendly events

Profiting off climate change. It’s happening and the article states who is behind such vile actions.

Both landowners and environmentalists in Nebraska unite to fight the Keystone XL pipeline from being built

Mixed Bag

– Scientists have found that “cut-and-paste” DNA may be able to eliminate HIV

– Poll: 50 percent of Americans believe that God will determine the winner of the Super Bowl

– With a history of sexual abuse that Dylan Fallow pointed out in a letter, why is Woody Allen so beloved? Allen responds that what Fallow said was “untrue” and “disgraceful”

– J.K. Rowling has said she regrets the ending of Harry Potter with Hermoine and Ron being together

Break Time

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