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Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl MetroCards

Super Bowl MetroCards

Welp. Here we are on the day of the largest annual secular holiday in the United States – Super Bowl Sunday. Later today at 6:30PM Eastern time, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will kick-off at “MetLife” Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ for Super Bowl XLVIII. This is the first Super Bowl played outdoors in the north. Super Bowls XVI and XL were both played in Detroit albeit indoors at the Pontiac Silverdome and Ford Field respectively.

It looks like the NFL is going to be somewhat lucky with the weather forecast. From

Super Bowl Sunday: We do expect a cold front to slide through during the day, however, it may have very little moisture to work with, and most of the cold air should lag well behind the front. We can’t rule out patchy light rain or drizzle as the front glides through. Daytime highs should rise well into the 40s, possibly the warmest day in almost two weeks.

Outlook for the Super Bowl (6:30 p.m ET): Kickoff temperature should be in the upper 30s or low 40s. A northwest breeze around 10 mph may linger into the game, but we’re not expecting wind to be a major factor. We can’t rule out a sprinkle or patchy drizzle, but the chance of this is low.

Yep. Given the bitter cold temps the past couple of weeks, having temps in the upper thirties to low forties makes it almost a heat wave. However, if that “sprinkle or patchy drizzle” should come about, folks might almost prefer temps below freezing with snow.

This Budweiser commercial is already getting buzz as possibly THE commercial this year.

This article talks about how folks can’t walk to the stadium, can’t take a cab or get dropped off, can’t tailgate, and have to use NFL “approved” shuttles (at $51 a pop) or New Jersey Transit. And someone tell me again why the NFL is “non-profit?”

This week’s Sports Illustrated (February 3, 2014 – Sochi Olympics Preview Issue – behind a pay wall) has a number of Super Bowl related articles including a couple of pages of blurbs on the security. One of the security items is an eight foot tall chain link “exclusionary fence” circling the stadium about 300 feet out. Apparently this removes about half of the available parking so probably why there is no tailgating. One of the security “concerns” is protestors “like Teamsters or Occupy” chaining themselves to the exclusionary fence so there are teams dedicated to cutting them loose. I’m still trying to process the combo of “Teamsters and Occupy.”

This year’s “media controversy” is apparently that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch showed up for the Media Day “festivities” but only stayed six minutes:

The NFL requires players to talk with reporters after games and at select times throughout the week, but was unaware that Lynch hadn’t spoken to the press all season long. Earlier this month the league levied a $50,000 fine against Lynch, which was subsequently postponed with the condition that he comply with NFL media policies throughout the postseason. If Lynch did not make the requisite appearances, the fine would then double.

Lynch was not fined for his quick visit.

There are always various “storylines” for a super bowl. This search from der google gives you a choice of articles on storylines. One of the underlying issues is the question of how Peyton Manning plays in cold weather. If Manning does well, he will tie his brother for Super Bowl rings. Otherwise, Eli maintains the family bragging rights for another year.

I don’t really have that much rooting interest for either team but if I had to choose one, I guess I will hold my nose and (maybe) cheer for Denver since they have three former Kentucky players on the roster with linebackers Danny Trevathan and Wesley Woodyard and tight end Jacob Tamme.

What are you looking forward to in this game? The actual football? Odds are pretty good that the game itself will fall short of a great game. Or are you more interested in the commercials (at $4M per half minute?) Besides the Bud ad I linked above, here’s a link to see some other commercials ahead of time.

Picture from Metropolitan Transit Authority of the State of New York licensed under Creative Commons

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