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Late Night: What You Likely Don’t Know about Grimm’s Attack on Scotto

The darkly bizarre threats made by Michael Grimm against NY1 report Michael Scotto — you know, the ones laden with things like threats to “break” Scotto “like a boy”? — take on an even darker cast when you know that Scotto is gay:

It is well known among people who know and work with him that Scotto is gay. “Within the station community it’s pretty well known,” one colleague told Gawker. The 35-year-old political reporter didn’t ask Grimm about anything pertaining to sexuality, so it’s unclear, based only on the video, why Grimm issued a series of insults aimed at questioning Scotto’s masculinity—a common weapon of homophobes seeking to torment and marginalize gay men.

And the point here was to torment Scotto. “You’re not man enough,” Grimm seethes. “You’re not man enough.” And embarrass him, too. You can’t see it in the video, but his colleagues and other reporters were watching the entire thing from a few feet away.

That’s rather, ahem, interesting, wouldn’t you say? Yet only NYC-centric media like Gawker deign to mention it.

In case you were wondering, Grimm’s Democratic opponent in the upcoming election is a fellow named Domenic Recchia.

Here’s his website.

Here’s his ActBlue site.

Here’s what he had to say about Grimm’s behavior.

Yeah, Grimm’s the rep for Staten Island, the most Republican part of NYC, but the island actually went (albeit narrowly, 51-47) for Obama last time out, so Recchia could have a chance.

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