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Chris Christie Is Toast

This weekend was surely going to be the kick-off to NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s run for the White House, Super Sunday Super Bowl, a nationwide audience. It was going to get real. It was all so perfect, why it makes the cynical me wonder if Chris Christie isn’t the reason the NFL chose the Meadowlands for Super Bowl XLVIII. But things aren’t working out for Christie quite the way he’d hoped.

After Friday’s revelations strongly suggesting that Christie’s new ex-friend David Wildstein can prove Christie knew about the lane closures on the Fort Lee feeder to the George Washington Bridge, Chris Christie is over, he’s toast. Just look at Aristide Economopoulos’ shot of him at yesterday’s ‘hand off’ (is that jam in his pockets?).

In an editorial today at New Jersey’s Star-Ledger Tom Moran thinks “[David Wildstein’s] has flipped, as spectacularly as John Dean flipped on Richard Nixon. And in the end, Wildstein could do just as much damage.”

“This guy is really mad,” says one leading Democrat who asked not to be named. “The way the letter is written is almost rambling, throwing everything in the kitchen sink. There’s a lot of anger there. He feels dissed.”

Why would Wildstein be so angry with his old boss? Look at it through his eyes.

He closed those access lanes on orders from the governor’s office after receiving the infamous message from Bridget Anne Kelly, the governor’s deputy chief of staff: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

His reward for that loyal service? He was forced to resign from his job in disgrace.

And then the governor, for no good reasons, belittled Wildstein at a press conference when asked about their friendship in high school.

And the Democratic National Committee wasted no time piling on.

(By the way, Christie was actually booed at the ‘hand off’ event.)

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