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Come Saturday Morning, Watercooler Edition: Beer Drones

A bunch of us were sitting around the virtual watercooler the other day when the talk turned to the Lakemaid Beer brewery and its management’s ill-fated effort to inaugurate drone delivery of its fine beverages:

Bmaz: Save the beer drones!

Cynthia Kouril: An actual good use for drones, beer delivery. Much better than blowing up weddings.

Peterr: Yeah, but wait until some guy out in his fishing shack on the lake sees the 10th drone go past and deliver beer to SOMEONE ELSE, and in frustration he sends up a little anti-aircraft fire to arrange for a special delivery right in front of his hut.

Eli: This is my problem with the drone-based delivery concept in general. Especially in a country with so many gun owners.

Elliott: I’m banking on the Cheeto-fingered kid in the cabin hacking the controls.

BevW: Looks like drone shooting could be a national sport.

Masaccio: Great idea, Bev. I’m seeing the rifle, shotgun, handgun divisions. Then we’d could have two speciality classes: heavy weaponry, grenade launchers, RPGs, etc, and machine guns. Points awarded for capturing the device, minimal damage, (complete destruction in the specialty categories), and maybe extra points for shooting drones that shoot back.

Cynthia Kouril: It’s like skeet shooting! A new sport is born!

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