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Cartoon Friday Watercooler: Le Silence Sous L’Écorce


It’s Cartoon Friday, again!

A tree fallen across a snowy stream

And then …

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around … Here’s a little animated viewing that seems appropriate for these polar vortex days.

Le Silence Sous L’Écorce (The Silence Beneath the Bark) is a short, Oscar-nominated film by Joanna Lurie. She describes the film:

In the depths of a great forest clad in a great white mantle, curious little creatures discover how beautiful, fascinating and white snow is… as it whirls them giddily on their way to extraordinary encounters with the strange and wonderful. A nocturnal tale brimming with tenderness.

Le Silence combines traditional animation with 3D CGI into an impressionistic whole that I found surprisingly moving.

Bonus: Firedoglake’s Elliott suggested a very short animation, Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers. “In 1903, Olivia Wright was the first to pilot the great grasshoppers of North America.”

Have you seen any good cartoons recently? Share in the comments.

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Photo by disoculated released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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