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Ahhh, the GOP’s Immigration Principles*

Obviously, the Republicans in the House, have now “outed” themselves for being thoroughly against any sensible Comprehensive Immigration Reform effort, and with the full understanding that any future Republican administration owes nothing to Latino and Asian American voters.  Now, that’s American politics in its most thorough-going effort that contradicts the GOP’s “reaching out to Chicano military vets” and as advocated by Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry.  But will these Principles satisfy the “base”?

Of course it will, knowing that this year’s off-year election cycle requires that the GOP must wholeheartedly animate the Republican voter, otherwise their self-perceived “wave election” in November will collapse inward from lack of enthusiasm, despite their considerable financial investment in getting voters to the ballot box.

Consequently, Romney’s “self-deportation” remains intact even though the higher deportations numbers have been increasing, and therefore, ignoring reality, is just another guise and where “tricking the base” will become notable given the level of rhetoric being utilized and as in the underscored vitriol for “amnesty.”

And sad to say, these Republicans aren’t listening to their fellow stalwart Hispanic Republicans and which means that Hispanic Republicans will have to open the door, as well as roll up the windows in order to let the stink waft itself out of these Republican rooms.

* Originally posted on the web site of the Chicano Veterans Organization



Photo by OccupyReno MediaCommittee, used under Creative Commons license

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