I have been winning federal lawsuits on behalf of American small businesses for about 25 yeas now. My campaign to stop the federal government from diverting small business contracts to Fortune 500 firms and corporate giants around the world has been covered on every major television network, one international network, virtually every major newspaper in the country, over 200 radio shows and countless stories and blogs on the internet.

I am constantly bothered by the feeling I have never seen a story that tells the whole truth about how the federal government actually cheats small businesses. I also don’t believe any story has painted an accurate picture of my efforts to stop rampant fraud and abuse in federal small business programs and address a wide variety of other issues that have negatively affected American small businesses.

I have come to the conclusion the only way to get the whole truth out there is to begin to write a series of stories on what has actually happened to myself. I also intend to begin a campaign of unabashed self-promotion for the simple reason I’m tired of the unrelenting campaign by the federal government to portray me as a conspiracy nut.

In 2005, Entrepreneur Magazine published a story about me that stated, “Depending on whom you talk to, Texas born small business advocate Lloyd Chapman is either a modern day Cesar Chavez or a conspiracy theorist with a grudge.” It was a great story; I have a copy of it framed in my office. I was hoping someone would write a follow up story and clarify if I was a “modern day Cesar Chavez or a conspiracy theorist with a grudge.” Since no journalist has ever seen fit to answer that question, it looks like I’ll have to do it myself.

I like the quote from Yogi Berra that says, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it”. Well I can do it and I have done it and I intend to write about it in a series of blogs and stories that I will post in a variety of places on the internet to tell my story and tell the truth about the billions if not trillions of dollars in fraud and abuse against American small businesses and the individual people, politicians, bureaucrats and companies that have perpetrated these abuses against the middle class.

Some of the things I have experienced and done sound more like an episode from the X Files than anything you would expect to encounter simply trying to stop the federal government from cheating small businesses. Some people may find some of the things I have experience to be difficult to believe. Looking back on it now, I even find it hard to realize those things really happened. I will do my best to try and document everything I can with links to verifiable information.

I believe most people will find my exploits to be funny, sad, fascinating, shocking, infuriating, uplifting and inspirational. I will be writing about death threats, seeing government lawyers cry, government surveillance, duping politicians and federal agencies, landmark legal victories and the stunning level of corruption and fraud in the federal government at virtually every level.

My goal is to write something every week but I may write something monthly or even daily, I’m not sure. I might even try and put all my adventures as a small business advocate together and write a book.

I’m excited about this project because of the therapeutic affect it will have for me and I will get started immediately. Stay tuned.

Lloyd Chapman

Lloyd Chapman