Chris Christie Has Lost His Luster

The thrill is gone

The bridge scandal continues to do its damage to the national image of Gov. Chris Christie.  In just the past few months he has gone from having a very positive rating to a noticeably negative one with the American people.

According to a new WSJ/NBC News poll only 22 percent of Americans now view Christie positively while 29 percent view him negatively. This is a big swing from before the bridge scandal broke.

Back in October the same poll found 33 percent viewed Christie positively while only 17 percent had a negative opinion of him. He went from a rating that was +16 to one that is -7.

Christie previously had one of the best national images among current politicians but that is now gone. One of his biggest selling points in a Republican primary is currently gone. Obviously, there is a long time before the 2016 election so a lot can change but Christie’s path to the presidency has gotten more difficult.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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