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Over Easy: Monday Science


Working diagram as release by the Japanese embassy


Well, the Japanese embassy in Switzerland is the first public admission that one or more cores are in the ground. Take a good look at that diagram, it’s pretty clear even in Japanese.

The green arrow on the left indicates their planned pumps to intercept ground water before it reaches the corium.

The red blob below the reactor is the melt.

The yellow trapezoid on the right is the planned containment wall. Notice that it is OFFSHORE.

So it’s already directly contaminating the ocean (we knew that), the corium is in the ground in at least one case (we knew that). And the JG has been acting on that assumption for quite a while (We knew that).

Groundwater contamination may also be coming from accumulated water in the basements. Measurements are way up. TEPCO has been using the basement as an informal water storage area since they can’t build enough tanks.

We’re pretty confident that muon detectors can find the core. Unclear if TEPCO will permit the technology to be used.

Reporters are told to avoid reporting on nuclear issues until after the election. The ruling party has great concerns that such reporting would help an upstart faction in the upcoming elections.

Around here, we have TENORM coming up from the wells used to contain fracking waste. What is TENORM, you ask? Technologically enhanced normally occurring radioactive material, of course.  They put it in the wells to save the expense of proper disposal.

This is a really interesting app. Might be worth the $60 if it works for you.

The bayou’s around New Orleans are sinking. Here’s a redneck engineered device that may help.

This would be a really cool squid if it wasn’t a hoax.

There’s obviously more matter than anti matter in the universe. However, theory implies that they should have been produced in roughly equal quantities in the Big Bang. Here’s a setup for studying antihydrogen atoms outside a magnetic bottle in hopes of explaining that.

There’s water on Ceres.

I hate stinging nettles. However, it appears they have some use.

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