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Food Sunday: Super Bowl!

Next Sunday (February 2) is Super Bowl Sunday. Now for the record, I probably won’t watch much of the game but I know that many folks plan all year for their Super Bowl party. Super Bowl parties can offer your normal football snacks of chips and dip to fried chicken to burgers/dogs/fries to somewhat elaborate meals of bar-b-que, chili, beef stew or even more. Some folks like to do everything themselves while others farm out various dishes to their friends and have a big potluck. The following is just a few suggestions.
Even the most elaborate party will need plenty of snacks, Of course, your standard chips and dip are pretty much required regardless of the rest of the menu offerings. Regular chips, corn chips, crackers, pretzels should all be on the list. I have no recommendations about dips as I generally don’t like them myself, so just go with your personal choice.

A veggie tray makes a good snack and is even (mostly) healthy. That is assuming you don’t go too overboard on the dip for the veggies. A positive about a veggie tray is left over veggies can go to make a nice vegetable soup for later on.

If you’re having bar-b-que or say fried chicken, you will probably want to fix the bulk of things the day before or at the latest, the morning of the party. Of course it probably depends on what part of the country you are in as to what type of bar-b-que you’re serving. Brisket, pork butt, pork loin, ribs. Dry rub or wet marinade. Tomato or vinegar based sauce. When the meat is done do you chop or shred or slice? It’s pretty much based on whatever you knew growing up. I’ve lived all over and can say it’s all good in the right hands.

If frying chicken, I would fry it the day before and let it rest in the refrig over night. The same goes for making a pot of chili or some baked beans for the party. If you are making chili, you need to know your guests. Some folks (like me) like a hot and spicy chili. Others like it milder with no red pepper. In some circles, you want to make it a veggie chili with no meat and a lot of beans. If you want the food to get raves, just know your guest list and have some idea of their tastes.

You might want to have a salad of some sort. I like to make a simple spinach salad with fresh spinach leaves, some slices of onion and some chopped strawberries and/or tangerines. A simple tossed salad is always good as well.

Whatever choices you make for your party and meal, I hope you enjoy. You have one week for planning, prep and cooking commencing now!

Photo from Triple Tri licensed under Creative Commons

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