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Boston Bombing News: Alphabet Agencies and Bomb Drills

The previous thread included discussion of whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI informant. We have also talked about the resemblance of the Marathon bombing to a planned Urban Shield drill. I have been wondering how these puzzle pieces are connected (if they are). How might Tamerlan as a possible FBI informant connect up to Tamerlan as a participant in a possible drill-gone-wrong?

pgtrouche posted links to some excellent articles on the topic of Tamerlan’s possible FBI connection. To quote from her post: “I don’t agree that Tamerlan joined an alphabet agency after his trip to Dagestan. If he did, it was before. His mother has said that he had received visits from the FBI for 3 to 5 years, well before he went to Dagestan. There are many clues as to why he would have joined before, and I believe that his attempt to contact radical groups in Dagestan were part of his mission … That only can explain the murder of Todashev, who probably was also recruited by the same agency at the same time.”

Jihadists are trained to keep a low profile, but Tamerlan did just the opposite. He made noisy “radical” scenes in religiously moderate mosques, he changed his fashion style from Western to Islamist-max, he hung out with prominent Islamist radicals while in Dagestan, and he had a social-media connection to radical William Plotnikov (they were both boxers). The Russians warned the Feds about him, twice. But the Feds insist they had closed his file because they saw no threat. And, he was allowed to freely travel back and forth between the US and Russia. These contradictions could be explained by a double-agent agenda.

Tamerlan was a typical candidate for recruitment. The 2009 domestic violence complaint against him derailed his desire for US citizenship and his ambition to be an Olympic boxer. He could have been offered the informant job as the “solution” to this legal problem. Some informants work for money. Since Tamerlan had no other visible source of income, that’s a possibility.

Could an alphabet-agency connection have somehow led Tamerlan into participating in an Urban Shield training exercise?

Possible indicators for a bomb drill at the Marathon: the unusually heavy security presence. (I keep wondering why the bomb-sniffing dogs missed the bombs, especially the one at the finish line.) The apparent light weight of Dzhokhar’s backpack, which may have contained a harmless smoke bomb. Danny’s (coincidental?) connection to Northeastern University, which recruits students for Urban Shield. The unsubstantiated, but compelling, series of Tweets by an anonymous woman who claims Tamerlan told her he was going to the Marathon “with his company, to do a drill, for security.”

woodybox has referenced the details of the planned Urban Shield scenario. The source is a Boston Globe article by Maria Cramer. “A terrorist group … would leave backpacks filled with explosives at Faneuil Hall, the Seaport District, and in other towns … investigators … would have to track down footage of the bombers caught by street surveillance cameras and the phones of ‘witnesses’ … the terrorists would flee police in stolen cars they would dump in cities outside Boston … One major clue would have been the body of one of the terrorists found near a stolen car, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.” Spooky, for sure. Maybe too spooky to be a coincidence.

Some on this site, including efbeall, have postulated a “cabal” composed of rogue members of different agencies, groups, and/or governments. Urban Shield is a program of the Department of Homeland Security. Details of the plan would have been available to those with highly-placed connections. The hypothetical cabal could have used the details of the planned Boston scenario to plan a false flag event at the Marathon. Tamerlan, who was already a known quantity, could have been picked in advance as the scapegoat, and then lured to the Marathon.

Where does Danny fit in? He might or might not have been an Urban Shield participant. But it is unlikely that he was a carjack victim. He has told varying stories about the details of his “ordeal”. What was talked about? How did Tamerlan happen to have an Arabic-music cassette handy? Didn’t both brothers go into the Shell store, leaving him unguarded? Didn’t they both get out of the van to unload stuff from the Honda? When exactly did Dzhokhar join them in the van – during the initial “kidnap event”, or later? Why did they keep driving back and forth from Cambridge to Watertown? The grand jury got so confused by this testimony that they ended up creating the “magical self-transporting Honda” story in Indictment items 30-33.

Waiting anxiously for the Holder death penalty decision: I seem to remember efb saying that Holder’s stated indecision is all “theater,” and that his final pronouncement, sadly for Dzhokhar, is not in doubt. We may take some comfort in knowing that Judy Clarke is on the job.

As I check for the latest news on DT, I notice someone has come up with an article about the boat-note. That’s supposed to be “new” news? Is this in preparation for Holder’s decision: kind of a reminder that DT deserves to be executed?

I’ll be away Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. Back on Sunday afternoon. ?



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