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“You are getting so bombed in John Bolton’s fan-fiction”

How dare Iran’s government be reasonable and the like. Don’t they know the career of three quarter of the nation’s foreign policy talking heads and much of the Republican primaries depend on advocating making Tehran glow ironically…so as to avoid their getting nukes?

Iran’s president has urged the rest of the world to stop treating his country as pariah state, and said a deal over its nuclear programme would pave the way for the oil-rich nation to become the next big emerging market.

In an olive branch to the international community, Hassan Rouhani told a packed conference hall at the World Economic Forum in Davos that he wanted to end the standoff with the west along with the sanctions that have crippled the economy. “Come and visit Iran to see the investment opportunities,” he said.

Oh dammit all…conveying money-making opportunities in a relatively untapped, yet unbombed market? That’s moral and logical and naturally “dirty pool”.

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