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The Patriot Project: A Cause Worth Sharing

“They serve…we support” a very bold statement made by The Patriot Project Founder, Tim Novelli D.C.

The Patriot Project is a grassroots movement that was started to provide chiropractic care to all active duty military, wounded warriors and their dependents. Many of these men and women are being treated with pain pills and psychotropic drugs when there are safer alternatives. As most of us know antidepressants and pain medicine can have horrible side effects and in a lot of cases can lead to addiction and dependency. These drugs are not helping our heroes, they are helping out big pharmaceutical companies. Eighteen U.S. Veterans commit suicide per day while on psychotropic drugs. Most of these suicides could be prevented if they are offered alternative care.

Dr. Novelli talks about The Patriot Project with passion. When I asked him what inspired him to start The Patriot Project he said “Two years ago I was invited down to Texas to treat our soldiers at a HALO  For Freedom Wounded Warrior event. In the course of two days I treated 150 wounded warriors and their families.” He told me that he was so moved that when he made it back to Ohio he felt he needed to do something.

The project started in Ohio and has expanded to seventeen other states. There are a total of 250-300 chiropractors participating in The Patriot Project. Thanks to Dr. Novelli’s efforts some of our wounded warriors and active duty military are getting alternative treatment. Even though more of our hero’s are being seen, millions are being left untreated. There are 60,000 chiropractors in The United States. Dr. Novelli wants to get 6,000 participating in the project by the end of 2014.

To be a part of The Patriot Project a chiropractor must make time to treat at least one armed-service member a week at no charge. The projects goals are as listed:

1. To provide chiropractic care to active military, wounded warriors, and the dependents of the Fallen free of charge.
2. To make full chiropractic benefits in TRICARE care readily available for ALL active duty military, retirees and veterans.
3. To have chiropractic physicians commissioned as officers in all Armed Services.
4. To have chiropractic physicians embedded in all forward operating bases of combat.
5. To have a Chiropractic Department in every VA hospital and clinic.
6. To educate veterans with service related disabilities (that they are entitled to)* have chiropractic benefit coverage through the Veterans Administration.

As Dr. Novelli says “It’s time for all of us to start taking this personally. Someones family member is laying their life on the line to protect our freedom and that freedom isn’t free. Our troops are out there fighting for our rights.” So I ask you to please show your support today.

I’ve known Dr. Novelli for five months and in those five months I’ve witnessed some of the good he does for these troops. The man is nothing short of amazing. He funds this cause himself but he’s only one man. If you or anyone you know can help him further this cause please do not hesitate to contact him.


To donate to this cause or get more information about The Patriot Project please visit: or call 330-495-8333

*Diarist’s edit

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