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Last week, MyFDL’s jbade shared HLN’s Nancy Grace making wild claims about violent potheads. In tonight’s video, courtesy The Young Turks, “Reefer Madness” Nancy Grace debates her earlier self through the magic of time travel and video editing (ok just video editing).

The Jamaican Bobsled Team in action in Salt Lake 2002.

many cool such runnings wow

Remember the Jamaican Bobsled Team? Remember dogecoin (discussed on the Watercooler here and here)? NPR’s The Two-Way reports that an online campaign combining the two is sending the newest team to Sochi:

After word went out that Jamaica’s two-man bobsled team had qualified to compete in Sochi next month — but didn’t have money to go to Russia — Internet donors saved the day. Thousands of people contributed to online campaigns, including one held in Dogecoin, the peculiar digital currency.

The Jamaican team of driver Winston Watts and brakeman Marvin Dixon had hoped to raise $80,000. Donations blew past that amount, thanks to an outpouring of popular support and media attention — including an Associated Press article in which Watts said of the fundraising effort: ‘Right now, we’re at zero.’ That was on Saturday — just four days ago. By our tally of two online campaigns, the team now has more than $184,000. It seems that Watts, 46, was on to something when he spoke to the AP.

As the story spread, the International Olympic Committee reportedly said it would step in to pay the Jamaicans’ travel costs. But the team has other expenses, such as equipment and training time — much of which has previously been paid for by Watts himself, according to reports.

This year, the two-man team benefited from [Cool Running’s] enduring popularity, and from an Internet meme. Their campaign was funded in part by Dogecoin — a crypto-currency that’s similar to Bitcoin but is based on the inexplicable yet irresistible “doge” meme, in which shiba inus, a cute Japanese dog breed, are shown in various settings, the photos embellished with words of praise and amazement — particularly ‘wow.’ The Dogecoin effort produced around $30,000 for the bobsled team, after it was promoted in the currency’s Reddit community page.

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Photo by Nate Grigg released under a Creative Commons license.

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