#AskSnowden What Edward Snowden Didn’t Answer

Edward Snowden’s live chat Thursday on gave us some insights, but what was revealing was what he didn’t answer–revealing about the population at large. From those unclear on the concept, conspiracy theorists, teen fans, and trolls, here are the best unanswered questions from Twitter #AskSnowden:

Boris ?@DerAppleGeret
What is the real reason for the spying that the NSA does? #AskSnowden<

Mike Mozart ?@JeepersMedia
Are Big Tech Firms in the USA SELLING our collected Data to the NSA? Such as Grocery Store Discount Cards?

Chry Mankanshoku ?@Chryoxis
What kind of anime does the NSA watch?

Niko Sly ?@NikoSly
is the NSA using the new XBoxOne to spy on people?

JoJo ?@gtasuxcoximho
can the NSA hear/see what I’m saying or doing if I don’t have my phone on or any electronics connected to the internet?

john w ?@jw0o
Greetings Ed. What can you tell us regarding NSA using invasive mind control Technologies like V2K, RNM or remote viewing? #AskSnowden

Matthew Kupfer ?@Matthew_Kupfer
How do we know the #AskSnowden questions are truly being answered by #Snowden? #JustSayin

Zaver ?@Zaver_88
Do you have a Fedora? Have you ever tipped it?

Security Generation? ?@securitygen
what does the fox say?

Alexander Jank ?@alexander_jank
What do you want to do after this shit with the NSA? #AskSnowden

cs ?@CashMoneyG20
How about something new? Is USA using extraterrestrial people for info about Technology? Is the Government keeping it from us? #AskSnowden

ChocolinoR ?@ChocolinoR
any files about Gary McKinnon,british hacker,who hacked Pentagon & NASA,claiming he found evidence about ET’s on Earth. #AskSnowden

Cássio Augusto ?@cassioartwork
russia says that the united states does not reveal the aliens they will make these revelations what can you tell us about this?

Big Mike ?@Bigdogmike
Any leaks you may have that have not already been released concerning extraterrestrial life? #asksnowden any validity of “tall whites”?

Cabo ?@shot_of_cabo
Who’s behind the seemingly endless supply of the soulless, but mega-hot Russian and Ukraine strippers arriving here daily? #AskSnowden

Ern Malley ?@loveandgarbage
If a train left Glasgow travelling at 90 mph and a train left Crewe travelling at 75 mph how do you explain Carstairs?

DaTruth ?@DaWholeTwuth
Did you come across files that exposed the shadowy people who truly run the global complex…who even control presidents?

mahagony rose ?@mahagony_rose
are you going to sochi? #AskSnowden

CensoredAnon™ ?@CensoredAnon
When will you release information on the #illuminati and its many puppets it has in #washingonDC? #AskSnowden

Spinnetti ?@Spinnetti
Hallo Mr. Snowden – hope you’re fine – do you believe the plans about New World Order? #asksnowden990-6907XB71 ?@kinoptika
Should Justin Bieber be tried as a civilian or a head of state? #AskSnowden

mock_you_men_tory ?@LiteisoN
I think scheduling #AskSnowden on the same day #JustinBieber gets arrested is more than coincidence. NSA, would you care to comment?

Dobu Wobu ?@Dobu_Dobu
are you a Brony? Or do you believe the world would be a better place without them? Please respond at length and in detail.

Jennifer ?@_jennifermary
Scale of 1-10 how terrified are / were you?

Philipp Pfeifer ?@Staanemer 
Can you go outside or do you have to stay inside? #AskSnowden

Maria H. ?@msmaria11
do u miss anything particular from home? Family/friends yes but something silly I suppose. Fave food? Type of tp? #justcurious

Jonah Von Sixx ?@Squidgy4Pres
i dont have a question i just wanna say your girlfriend is super hot. #AskSnowden

Arlene Salazar ?@arlenesalazar06
Where would you take a girl on a first date ? @TeenVogue #AskSnowden

Michelle Aurora ?@Mahone_lover16
Will you ever get into acting? #AskSnowden

Mr. LA Sports Fan ?@MrLASportsFan
Should the Dodgers sign a free-agent starting pitcher, or let in-house candidates compete for a spot in the rotation? #AskSnowden

Karnov ?@karbinite
Why couldn’t they just use the eagles to fly to Mordor?

Thanks to JP Sotille, for his contributions to this compilation.

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