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The Roundup for January 20th, 2014

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Good day folks, hope you’re doing well on this day.

Martin Luther King Junior Day

– Martin Luther King Junior: Why I Am Opposed to the Vietnam War

– The radical, anti-capitalist Martin Luther King Junior is a person we need today. Though, I would argue King is inside of us and ready to rise, but the action rests upon us.

– When MLK gave up his guns for for nonviolence and committed himself even more to the overall movement.

Even more discussion on the radical side of MLK and in contrast to his media image as a person of the status quo

– If King was around today, what would he do and what would he focus on?

– With MLK Day to celebrate today, tomorrow is also the anniversary of the Citizens United decision. That indicates there’s much left to work on.

– If there is one to thing to remember, as Glen Ford notes in this interview, it’s that direct action is a legendary part of the Civil Rights Movement.

– Part 2 of yesterday’s interview discussing how MLK used black identity as a way to organize and resist racism in society.

– Martin Luther King Junior: “Let Justice Roll Down

International Developments


– U.N.’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has revoked Iran’s invitation to Geneva after calling it a screw-up. Well then. The U.S., meanwhile, is thrilled with the development.

– Gallup: Potential migration to the Americas and Western Europe are high for the foreseeable future, while Africa and Asia are expected to have emigrations

– A new poll has found college-educated adults trust businesses more than they trust governments.

– Netanyahu has told John Kerry he wants to annex 13 percent of the West Bank for Israel. Well isn’t that just swell?

– Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister, was heckled in Israeli Parliament by two Arab lawmakers  after he said critics of Israel were “disgraceful” for calling it an apartheid state.

Middle East

A new exclusive report at The Guardian has found evidence of “industrial-scale killing” by Bashar al-Assad and his administration that has brought calls against their war crimes.

– Three Palestinians children were burned with cigarettes by Israeli soldiers according to a new report. I just…

At least 13 people were killed and 18 wounded in a blast in Pakistan near an army HQ that the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for.

Today begins the implementation of Iran to work on its nuclear program.

– In northern Syria, an al-Qaeda-linked group has imposed strict Islamic rules on civilians there to get full control.

– In Iraq, the province of Missan will produce nearly one million barrels of oil a day by 2016. It’s also a province that suffers from poverty.

14 private companies have submitted bids to destroy the Syrian chemical weapons with the decision to be made next month.

Asia and Oceania

– Militarism and the resistance against it in Japan. Growing opposition to the nationalistic attitude displayed by Shinzo Abe and his government.

– Japan defends its annual dolphin hunt after U.S. ambassador Caroline Kennedy criticized the practice.


– The U.N. is alarmed that South Sudan soldiers and officials attempted to break into U.N. bases full of South Sudan civilians.

– Islamic militants in Nigeria have killed 18 and burned people’s houses in an unstable country.


– On the “New French Revolution” that discusses the failures of the “representative democracy” in France and calls for a radical change to the entire system by civilians in the country.

– In Greece, the New Democracy party has said voters deserve to know whether SYRIZA’s Alexis Tsipras is an atheist or not.

– Over 100 police officers and 100 protesters were wounded in the second day of clashes in Ukraine as unrest grows in the country and the President calls for dialogue with protesters. The EU has called for the country to scrap its anti-protest law.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– After a farmer was killed by police in a protest against a sugar mill, the Nicaraguan government has said it will help discussions between the workers and the employers and their concerns.

– While Bolivia has been dealing with the capitalist crisis with its reforms, it still hasn’t delivered on some of its more radical promises.

– The EU is considering stronger ties with Cuba, though if they respect human rights Spain’s finance minister remarked.

Surveillance Planet

– Pew: 50 percent of Americans haven’t heard anything about NSA “reform” changes. 73 percent say Obama’s changes won’t do much to protect privacy. 56 percent want the government to criminal charges against Snowden.

– It may be argued that Obama tamed the NSA, but Obama is the one being tamed by the NSA.

– There’s no question the use of global surveillance is to advance the U.S. agenda of imperialism within the capitalist system and to keep up with other countries.

– It’s very significant to see the EU requesting Edward Snowden give testimony over NSA surveillance program. It highlights the positive effect his disclosures have had.

– Chris Hedges: “What Obama Really Meant Was …

– Emptywheel: “Obama’s Dragnet: Policeman of the Whole World

Financial Matters

– U.N. states that over 200 million people were unemployed throughout the globe, an increase from the year before.

– A new report from Oxfam has found that 85 people control the same amount of wealth that half of the world’s population has. That’s…that’s…insane

– China’s economic growth rate last year was at 7.7 percent, which has been called “stabilizing.”

– Gallup: Nearly four-in-10 “Baby Boomers” expect to retire when they turn 66 or older. One-in-10 don’t expect to retire at all.

– Debating the value of job guarantee versus basic guaranteed income.

Four signs that the ultra-rich are just growing fewer each day with more money in their pockets than we can imagine.

Massive credit card theft in South Korea has highlighted security problems also in that country.

– Dean Baker: “The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Warnings From NAFTA

– A new report has found that a 17-year-old Russian hacker may behind the Target security scandal and other major retails.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– After wrongly losing their jobs after Katrina, 7,000 New Orleans teachers got their jobs back after an appeals court ruled it was wrong for them to lose their jobs.

– How Wal-Mart organizers turned the internet into a part of its network of organizing against unfair labor practices by Wal-Mart.

Politics USA

Washington USA

– The United States is offering its military to support Russia during the Olympic games.

Anytown USA

– Pew: More people have an unfavorable view of Chris Christie compared to a year ago, while many doubt he didn’t know of aides being involved in the scandal.

– Despite a decline in giving the death penalty, they are becoming more secretive and deadly

We Don’t Need No Education

– What is Common Core? Why is it controversial? What effects has it had? Who developed it in the first place? Dianne Ravitch explains all of that and more in a speech she gave on Jan. 11 to the Modern Language Association.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The former President of Trader Joe’s want to open up a store that sells expired food, but it strikes at the question as to what expired food is and why it’s typically thrown away.

The Second Sex

A study on women and men in the documentary industry has found women succeed on equal levels with men.

– In Europe, women are more interested in hunting and have different reasons for going out to do it.

– A resistance is growing in Pakistan to highlight the inactive efforts by the government to help women combat breast cancer or even acknowledge it

Planet Earth

– An animal feed plant had an explosion leaving two dead and 10 wounded. Officials don’t know what caused the explosion.

– The Dept. of Energy gave a $1 billion loan to FutureGen, a energy company that prides itself in “clean coal” ( what an oxymoron). Are you serious?

– The EPA has said the Alaskan Copper Mine project could destroy the world’s largest salmon run.

– While another cold front storms down in the Northeastern part of the U.S., it won’t be as bad as the Polar Vortex. Still it gives an idea of where the world is heading into.

Mixed Bag

– Research has found young musicians are best motivated with a vision of where they will go with their musical skills.

– “Beauty Industry Announces Massive New Initiative To Make Women Self-Conscious About Their Palms

Break Time


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