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Snowden is a Libertarian, Ron Paul Supporter- It’s Why He Did It

I go to the libertarian web sites and pose questions like, “If socialism is such a flawed path, how come the highest standards of living are in the most socialist countries?” ( the Swiss, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands ect).  There are no good answers to that question, other than it is the best system. The logic gets so strained that libertarians agree and are left with the argument that their way has never been given a chance.  They like the debate on all things socialist and refrain from personal insults. They look to partner with those on the left on issues of agreement. That does not happen here. As example, a recent post asking where are Libertarians  on the legal weed issue? Where is the national Democrat who has stood up and called for legalization of weed/ the outrageous, disproportionate effect on minorities( Ron Paul, Libertarians).

I am a socialist, who understands and accepts that some Libertarian concepts are absolutely necessary to achieve a higher standard of living for the next generation. The complete failure to implement any socialist policies at the federal level, even with Democrat (almost) super-majorities should demonstrate to those on the left a need to change course implement anew strategy. No change in course. No success. No new strategy.

Mr. Snowden, a libertarian, Ron Paul supporter and one who frequently cites the constitution as his motivation. Do you remember, not to long ago, when the only “weirdos” citing the constitution were libertarians, Ron Paul supporters. O’yea, on the issues of government intrusion and over reach, the  issues of the day. I recall a majority, here, declaring them paranoids. idiots. On those issues of civil liberties, government intrusion, Mr. Snowden, libertarians have shown the foresight and wisdom to be very concerned and acting accordingly. Can the left say the same? Late to the party and not properly dressed, maybe. More likely unwitting enablers. Will they see the light? Will they even admit that Mr. Snowden was driven by his libertarian principles, AND if so, must we not admit that we can learn and adapt some of these libertarian principles Mr. Snowden would like us to consider. It is why he did what he did, lets honor his sacrifice.

I am a single payer, Social Security supporting, anti-war, unionize everything kinda guy. I am in disagreement with both the left and libertarians on your open borders, wage suppressing advocacy.At least, the Libertarians understand such policy would allow employers to continue to pay as little as possible- a loaf of bread and tree to sleep under. That is why I could never support the libertarian way to that degree, can some of what they advocate be absolutely necessary, Mr. Snowden would have us believe so.

You can have SS and single payer, they are a matter of administration, not given. to corruption, without all the government intrusion of let’s say as example: You are enlightened because you advocate for legal weed, your really saying I want to get the government part way out of my ass , libertarians believe that individuals have the right to make good and bad decisions and the government should be completely out. That you have evolved on weed you would still allow them to fill your prisons with people who your best claim is they are hurting themselves with drugs. The libertarians get it right, nobody should be incarcerated for hurting their self. Your over flowing prisons and fatherless homes demonstrate, to me, that the libertarians get it right.

On war, the libertarians have been the most constant anti-war voice. I like that.You should too.

Libertarians want to eliminate Federal Agencies like the Agriculture dept. It is a money conduit serving the  1%, monsanto, libertarians have and do understand  this and as a strategy advocate for such. what a reasonable thing to advocate for, taking away monsantios power base and all the money that could be used elsewhere.

We should listen to Mr. Snowden, the libertarian, and ask ourselves if maybe those libertarians who we ridiculed for citing the constitution, so long ago, so consistently…….maybe they were right. Maybe a strategy of alliance that may bring some positive change. Considering the abysmal record of the left as it would relate to anything that could be called success, it is worth considering.

Let’s not  dismiss Mr. Snowden as some quack libertarian, lets honor the fact that it drove him to do what he did and take a deeper look, maybe evolve to something more effective.


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