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Cutest Little Dinosaur Ever


Found by University of Alberta scientist Dr. Phil Currie at Dinosaur Provincial Park in 2010, “Baby,” a Chasmosaurus belli, is set to “come out” on display for the first time next month at the University of Alberta Museums’ Galleries at Enterprise Square.

Only one to three years old when it died, the chasmosaurus is 1.5 metres [5 feet] long and intact with the exception of its forelimbs. Full grown, it would have reached a length of seven metres [23 feet].

The dinosaur’s feet, vertebrae, ribs and teeth are all clearly visible, which is extraordinary considering it is 72 million years old.

‘It is my pride and joy,’ Currie says. ‘It is the best-preserved baby horned dinosaur known anywhere in the world.’

From the substrate the fossil was found in, a good guess is the tyke drowned in a river crossing.

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H/T to Brian Switek for the “discovery”

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