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Short Film of the Week: “Glass Jaw”

“Glass Jaw” by Michael O’Reilly

Clocking in at 17 minutes, Michael O’Reilly’s Glass Jaw is fascinating. Shot on a toy camera, this award-winning film takes the viewer inside O’Reilly’s mind as he recovers from jaw and brain surgery after being assaulted. O’Reilly’s ability to articulate the minute details of his experience transport his audience into a strange and unfamiliar world. The personal and universal also merge in this film as the story hints at larger issues surrounding our healthcare system.

Glass Jaw left a deep impression on me and, while everyone’s experience is different, I was curious to share it with a friend/colleague of mine who has a brain injury and find out how the film resonated with her. She reported she felt shaken and that Glass Jaw is the most accurate depiction she’s seen of what she experienced. Inspired by this movie, my friend is currently in production on her own short film exploring her story and recovery. This reaction to the film isn’t unique, as I was searching for a link to Glass Jaw, I came across a few comments from people saying the movie inspired them to make films. So, enjoy, feel inspired, and, of course, share your thoughts in the comments.

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Shannon Sonenstein Sonrouille

Shannon Sonenstein Sonrouille