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And in ghouishly predicted news

Lethal injection room, San Quentin State Prison, California

Earlier this week the State of Ohio’s decision to “experiment with death for profit…and FUN!” was discussed.

Well, today the full extent of the “fun” was unleashed to completely foreseeable and blithely ignored results.

A condemned Ohio inmate appeared to gasp several times and took more than 15 minutes to die Thursday as he was executed with a combination of drugs never before tried in the U.S.

Death row inmate Dennis McGuire made several loud snorting or snoring sounds during one of the longest executions since Ohio resumed capital punishment in 1999.

Yes, Mr. McGuire was a convicted murderer and by general universal acclaim a horrible human being.  But he was still a human being, and this pointless use of an untried method causing a prolonged and terrible death was even more pointless than usual.  On the other hand, for proponents of the death penalty it was a great form of erotica.


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