There is a dark side to power to win it is easier  do bad things to win.  Odin for example locked up his friend Loki ( they went on many cool adventures, Loki seems much more the clever guy to have a beer with than Thor in Norse Myths).

But hey lets not knock Thor he was loyal and had your back in a bar fight or war. Thor would never think of joining the Texas National Guard if his friends were going to war. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you  who you are the Mexican saying goes those reporters who thought Bush was the guy you wanted to have a beer with….they are not the kind of folks I like to drink with.

Anyway why lock up Loki? because for the Gods to rule they needed to keep the Giants down. Its so much easier to take the best land for yourself and have have sharecroppers work the land nobody wants rather than innovate and use less labor to produce a higher standard of living for all.  The problem becomes worse when new technology comes around despite your laziness  for then you refuse to innovate because it would hurt your current business.

Roman slave dealers preferred that people use slaves to grind grain thus keeping up demand for slaves and prices high rather than use wind and water mills to grind grain cheaper and faster.

We have Hybrid cars like the Tesla that can smoke just about anything on the road.  We have fuel cell Semi trucks that can haul more than a Diesel Semi but instead we keep using oil.

Loki as  a half Giant would be expected to rally support for the poor oppressed Giants pushed off their land by the Gods and forced to live on a reservation.
( Native Americans were much taller than American colonists since they ate better.) Immigrants tend to describe the people they displace as taller or even as giants.

The Immigrants  explain they had to displace these people because the people they replaced were morally corrupt, their God told them they could have the land, Kippling’s  White Man’s burden to civilize them, Rome we must spread Roman law and order.

We moralize the things we do to get power and keep power but in taking the easy way to get power we trap ourselves into doing everything the easy way.

Conservatives want to stop all progress and keep things as they are/return to a mythic golden age that never was. That is what they say they want, instead what they actually do is spin stories that rewrite  history and excuse crimes used to get power.  They later on in every age defend past ways of thinking as others innovate because they are getting rich off the current system and are to lazy to learn new things, to lazy to start a new industry and are spending to much cash on a party life style to invest in new technology and or a new way of doing things.

The thing about Myths they show hidden truths we hide from ourselves. The Norse deep down knew they were guilty. They knew Loki would throw down their civilization and in the end they knew they would have to start all over again.

If only we would use even half the energy we use to keep people down, er keep us safe, er  Bwahahaha! sorry could not write that with a straight face to instead help everyone have a better life we would not need to worry about being safe so much.

Sadly I am unaware of a single human society that has tried to put these ideas into action they all prefer the easy path to power.



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