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In tribute to Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner, the Over Easy community gathers to discuss news of the day of a morning.

Following the adoption of Shari’a Law by most of Nigeria’s states, courts have begun prosecutions of gays.

Under Islamic law, a person can be sentenced to death by stoning if convicted of homosexuality.

It is also illegal to have gay sex in Nigeria, according to its secular laws.

Earlier this month, President Goodluck Jonathan signed a parliamentary bill which tightens laws against homosexuals, banning same-sex marriages, gay groups and shows of same-sex public affection.

International donors pledged $2.4 Billion in aid for Syrian refugees as their plight and numbers worsened.

Millions of Syrians have been driven from their homes as a result of the crisis, now in its third year. Getting aid to many of those in need remains a challenge because they are trapped in communities besieged by the fighting.

Delegates from nearly 70 nations and 24 international organizations gathered on Wednesday for the one-day meeting, chaired by U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon, on aid for the victims.


‘The continuing violence in Syria has sparked one of the biggest humanitarian crises in recent history,’ Amnesty International said in a news release Tuesday. ‘The world’s response to the Syria crisis so far has been woefully inadequate.’

The World Bank announced that the global economy has turned around and begun steadily rising into stronger territory after its long period of low activity.

The latest optimism came from the World Bank as it said the global economy was now at a turning point, with growth expected to firm from 2.4% in 2013 to 3.2% this year and 3.4% in 2015.


The better picture from America saw the greenback make gains against sterling, which dropped a cent to 1.64 US dollars. The pound was flat against the single currency at 1.20 euros.


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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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