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Capitalism 201: Applied Capitalism

We have heard and read a great deal about capitalism form some very astute people such as Professor Richard Wolff and read numerous articles about and Marx and Marxist theory on-line and from many books.

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I refer to them as theoretical capitalism.

This I will call applied capitalism. As it it has been and is currently applied in most countries and on the streets.

Capitalism Plunders

This has been the case from the very first. It plunders land, resources and people. Forget the propaganda that you have been told about hard work and enterprise and all. Capitalists take what they want, if necessary by force. This country was plundered from the first. Of land and animals and resources. From the natives. Africa was plundered and it’s people were brought here and there labor was plundered.

When people like Krugman and Reich talk about “growth,” what they mean is resources and people to plunder. The financial sector and the military industrial sector is all about plundering. JP Morgan working in collusion with Bernie Madoff is a perfect example of this. As well as the various wars and military bases.

Capitalism Exploits

It exploits the resources and land and especially people. Capitalism will take undo advantage of any person, place or thing. From Wall Street right down to the corner Quicky Mart. Capitalists are known for manipulating stocks, and currencies and commodities to take advantage of the situation. This is especially true of peoples emotional and mental state. This was proven evident with the market crash of 1929 which was at least in part do to manipulations of a certain group of investors who played upon those who would panic when a stock would go down, by the stock selling short.

But it does not end there. The whole point of the corner used car lot and the all night Quicky Mart is to take advantage of people who are wanting or even desperate for their products and services. Charging as much as they can get way with for them, often for products and services of questionable value and use.

Even the medical profession is known for this. Using scare tactics and people’s fear to manipulate them to have tests and procedures done, working in consort with the pharmaceutical industry to peddle their wares and the insurance industry who uses your fear of financial ruin. Threats and intimidation are honed in all of these.

What is euphemistically referred to a Pay Day Loans are really another way to exploit those on the edge via legalized loan sharking. The funeral industry makes nearly all it’s money from exploiting peoples emotional and mental states after a loved ones death, as does the legal profession.

There is in fact not a single situation or capitalist enterprise that does not exploit a person’s emotional or mental state. Madison Avenue has it down to a science. Colleges give degrees in this as well.

Capitalism Oppresses and Deceives

Capitalism  has always needed some group to oppress and subjugate. Politically and socially and economically. Natives and Blacks and Women and Italians and Irish have all been used in this manner. Using military and police forces to make sure they have little recourse. Stymieing their ability to have any voice or even any kind of a decent life. So to make it easier to exploit them  and their labor. Labeling them as inferior in some way or always suspect. Blacks are still the group of choice in this country for this but can be replace with another group if necessary. Using the so called justice system to incarcerate them so as to provide cheap or free labor for tasks that capitalist will not perform. Even helping to plunder other people. Nearly all of politics is geared toward this. It is also required that these groups be easily identifiable by their appearance as well as their behavior, so the can be more easily rounded up when necessary, or disposed of.

It also deceives and lies and misleads. So as to increasing the capitalists chances of exploitation and plundering.

I hope with this added insight into the workings of capitalism, the reader can become better able to avoid it’s many pitfalls and landmines.

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